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Best things to do in Vũng Tàu

History Museum
“White Villa, Museum in Vung Tau The weekend retreat of French governor Paul Doumer (later a French president), this gorgeous, grand colonial-era residence has extensive gardens bursting with frangipani. The interior is oddly empty (besides the odd piece of furniture and some Ming pottery retrieved from shipwrecks off the coast). It sits about 30m above the road, up a winding lane.”
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“Come here for a stupendous private collection of military arms, uniforms and paraphernalia from across the globe. One section is dedicated to the conflict in Vietnam, another to the French Colonial period and there are Chinese, European and even Zulu exhibits. Robert Taylor, who has spent 50 years amassing and curating the collection, is often at hand to provide explanations. The attention to detail is superb and there's a courtyard cafe for drinks.”
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“1km from our building its favourite special hill cover by white flowers over the hill and white Palace built by French people. its historical resort building, on small hill, very green trees around, ocean views and special for photos if you want”
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“The biggest roundabout in South east asia - good to have a walk in the late afternoon and then you can have some seafood in Van Chai restaurant right opposite the roundabout ”
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“These six massive cannons, all with support trenches, demonstrate how strategically important Cap St Jacques was to the colonial authorities (it guarded access to Saigon). To reach them take Ð Tran Phu beyond Mulberry Beach and look for Hem 444 in the fishing village, about 6km from Vung Tau. Turn right up a narrow, rough track manageable by motorbike or on foot.”
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