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Top-Empfehlungen von Einheimischen

Vom Sightseeing bis hin zu versteckten Juwelen: Finde mit der Hilfe von erfahrenen Einheimischen heraus, was die Stadt einzigartig macht.

“Nice casino with very nice restaurants and has a Nightclub up stairs (OVO). Lindo casino con muy buenos restaurants y hay una discoteca en el segundo piso (OVO). ”
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“Nowhere is Viña's nickname of the 'Garden City' better justified than at the magnificently landscaped Parque Quinta Vergara, which you enter from Errázuriz at the south end of Libertad (here called Eduardo Grove). It once belonged to one of the city's most illustrious families, the Alvares-Vergaras.”
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Botanical Garden
“There are over 3000 plant species in the nearly 400 hectares of parkland that comprise Chile's Jardín Botánico Nacional. It's 8km southeast of the city center; take a taxi or catch bus 203 from Viña along Calle Alvarez to Puente El Olivar, then cross the bridge and walk about 500m north to the park's entrance signs.”
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“If you are in the city, you must visit our beautiful mall, why not buy something new to remember your time in Viña?. The Mall Marina has most of the American brands.”
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“A must of Vina del Mar, a big clock built on the side of a Hill, made with flowers which are thoroughly maintained and replaced every day.”
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“Pretty Castillo Wulff, built by a prominent Valparaíso businessman in the early 20th century, hangs out over the sea: pass through the art exhibitions to the tower at the back, where you can peer through the thick glass floor at the rocks and waves below.”
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“El muelle Vergara es una antigua estructura edificada el los años 1900, donde hoy tiene un lindo paseo al aire libre para tomar bellas fotografìas de la ciudad”
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“The original moai (an Easter Island statue) standing guard outside the Museo de Arqueología e Historia Francisco Fonck is just a teaser of the beautifully displayed archaeological finds from Easter Island within, along with Mapuche silverwork and anthropomorphic Moche ceramics. Upstairs are old-school insect cases and taxidermied Chilean fauna.”
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Wohngebäude (Miet-/Eigentumswohnung)
“Hermoso borde costero, muchos kilómetros para disfrutar de actividades como deportes acuáticos, caminatas,ciclismo, snowboard, humedales, fina gastronomía internacional, mucho pescado, mariscos, cafeterías, deliciosa pasteleria artesanía típica, ”
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Südamerikanisches Restaurant
“Restorant típico chileno , económicamente accesible , cerca de la playa , facil acceso ”
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History Museum
“patrimonio cultural El Palacio Rioja es un edificio ubicado en Viña del Mar, Chile, en el sector de la Población Vergara, en calle Quillota entre 3 y 4 Norte Dirección: Quillota 214, Viña del Mar, Región de Valparaíso”
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“Perfect spot to look the Valparaíso Bay and Concón, it´s also the best place to see the fireworks in New Years.”
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“Decenas de restaurantes de todo tipo de gastronomías nacional e internacional”
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“About a 35 min bus ride away, this small beach town has a white sand beach, bars and restaurants. We recommend walking north along the coastline to the marine reserve, where you'll see sea lions (lobos marinos) and lots of sea birds. To get there take bus 607 from Plaza Bismark.”
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“Agradable Playa para tomar sol y bañarse. Nice beach for sunbathing and swiming.”
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Lateinamerikanisches Restaurant
“If you want to have a special lunch or dinner, this is the place to go. A little more expensive than most, it offers stunning ocean views as it is right on the water. One of my favourite places to go.”
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