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Best things to do in Metropolitan City of Venice

“Rialto , Erberia , San Giacometto square , here you find traditional and modern places . You may choose to have a glass of wine sitting at a table outside , enjoyng the view on the Canal Grande or standing in the square to make small talks . Others prefer to go at the next Campo Bella Vienna to eat Cicchetti (fingerfood) and dancing to the rhythm of the music of the nearby bar .”
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“Definitely worth going inside the Cathedral to see the stunning gold mosaic artwork. If there is a long line outside, go online to book a jump the queue ticket for only 2 euro.”
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“For lovers of modern art, Venice is home to the most important and extraordinary personal collection of the American collector Peggy Guggenheim. A collection that will leave you dreaming, with its works by famous artists such as Picasso, Mondrian and Brancusi. ”
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History Museum
“The incredible doge's palace. This is where all the affairs of the Venetian republic were administered and where the Doges resided. The luxury and grandness of the Palazzo Ducale will leave you speechless.”
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Italienisches Restaurant
“In the same street of "Al Timon Bragozzo" you'll find also many other inn and tavern where to have an aperitif and even try meat or fish specialities. After this experience you can consider yourself a real Venetian!”
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“Art and architecture exhibitions - famous in the world - in beautiful pavilions. ”
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Italienisches Restaurant
“Little carachteristic place with many vegetarian (and non) options. It's besides a side canal :)”
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“Following the Grand Canal, heading south, it's easy to reach the Accademia Gallery, a state-run museum displaying the best of Venetian Renaissance painting. This gallery is home to some stunning paintings by Italian artists such as Tiziano, Tintoretto, Bellini and Giorgione. ”
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“Little nice osteria in a nice location. Good for aperitivo and for a informal dinner too.”
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Used Bookstore
“Close to the most famous square of Venice, an awesome library out of the ordinary is hidden: through its little main door you'll be brought in a new dimension, made exclusively made of thousands of books!”
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Water Park
“IT: Un fantastico mondo acquatico per grandi e piccini all'insegna del divertimento! EN: A fantastic water world for children and adults full of fun! DE: Eine fantastische Wasserwelt für Kinder und Erwachsene voller Spaß!”
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Bus Station
“IT: Educazione, conservazione, ricerca ed emozioni sono le parole chiave dello zoo di Lignano, dove potrete trovare moltissimi animali esotici! EN: Education, conservation, research and emotions are the key words of the Lignano Zoo, where you can find many exotic animals! DE: Bildung, Naturschutz , Forschung und Emotionen sind die Schlüsselworte des Lignano Zoo, wo man viele exotische Tiere finden können!”
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“The prettiest and biggest outlet shopping center with the best prices in Veneto area, for all the best brands in the world (Gucci, Armani, Prada, Versace, Fendi, Guess, Liu jo, Ralph Lauren and etc.). At only 30mins away by car or bus from Treviso center.”
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Amusement Park
“It's theme park closed to the Aquasplash with an Aquarium, for the people who love the seaside, dinosaurs in the Volcano Rapids, the medieval zone, a little train to visit the ruins of Maya and more.”
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“The wonderful island of Burano is approximately 40 minutes away from Venice and can be reached by “vaporetto” (water boat) inside the lagoon. This island is famous for its fine, handmade lace, its canals, its small shops and its incredibly colourful houses. ”
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“The most famous of the city's churches and one of the best known examples of Italo-Byzantine architecture. Visitors are recommended to respect this sacred place, in particular: – Clothes should be appropriate for a place of worship. – You cannot enter the basilica with luggage. – Photos and filming are forbidden.”
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