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Best things to do in Valle de Bravo

Mexikanisches Restaurant
“The best restaurant in Avandaro, famous for grilled artichokes and gourmet pizzas. Beautiful spacious setting, outstanding gourmet Italian and local food, world-class service, great selection of wines and desserts. ”
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“If you like mountain biking, trail running, hiking... this is a great place to start inside Valle de Bravo. On top of this mountain, you will find the takeoff runway for paragliding. Sometimes you can even go up running and come down flying (based upon availability of the carriers). ”
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Arts & Crafts Store
“Market of handicrafts made by local Mexican artisans, famous for baskets, textiles, lamps, glassware”
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Malerischer Ausblick
“Breathtakingly beautiful waterfall. Wonderful hike from our cabins, about a 20 minute walk”
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Italienisches Restaurant
“I love italian food, and this is a great place for it. if you go, when you go, ask for the 4cheese alcachofa or the plain margherita pizza... simply delicious!”
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Sublocality Level 1
“It is only a walking distance away, it is very nice to wake up early in the morning, walk, refresh oneself, climb a little and be delighted by the views.”
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“Pablos Bikes, renta de bicicletas de montaña y paseos organizados de diferentes niveles de experiencia”
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“Delicioso y accesible restaurante de comida internacional. Delicious and well priced international restaurant.”
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“Pasta casera italiana y excelentes pizzas a la piedra en un jardin bellisimo en el pueblo”
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“Another bar to hit at the weekend, they often have live music and parties and they have a lovely rooftop bar where you can chill and have a cocktail.”
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“Extraordinaria cocina Ambiente Vallesano Extraordinaria vista al Lago Lugar impecable”
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“Exposiciones temporales muy interesantes. Además llega a haber eventos como conciertos de música de cámara, jazz”
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“Comida de mariscos. Directamente en el muelle, por lo cual tienes una increible vista al lago. Te va a encantar. Precios razonables.”
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“Nice bar with huge fireplace, perfect for cold winter nights. Sensational view of the golf course and surrounding hills”
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“Las mejores pizzas de Avándaro, las puedes pedir a domicilio (726) 266 1776 o en su interior pequeño y acogedor.”
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Point of Interest
“Increíble el estar en la naturaleza, tomar fotos un lugar muy bonito y estamos a 10 mnt de este hermoso lugar!”
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