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Best things to do in Valladolid

“A fun contemporary folk art museum in Valladolid, just 45 minutes from the hacienda.”
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“This pleasant restaurant and bar is an evening hot spot and is very close to la Casita. Outside tables are especially fun for people watching on the Calzada de los Frailes. Also live music on weekend...”
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“Made to order central mexican specialities served with hand made tortillas. I haven't had a bad meal there yet. They have a great selection of mezcal, they have air conditioning and there is a smoking section in the back patio.”
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“They feature live music on many nights. The menu is mostly american style with pastas, burgers, wings and the bar is well stocked. Yes! They make great cocktails with absinthe! It opens at 7pm.”
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History Museum
“This little museum is free and show cases mayan and colonial artifacts. It has its own little park where you can sit and listen to the birds sing. The staff is friendly and visitors must sign the guest book.”
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“Calle 40 across the street from Casa de los Venados, half a block from the parque principal. This really is a bar and restaurant. What is the coolest thing to do here is to climb up to the top of the building where there are couches and tables in the open air. The views of the city at night are really great. Second level on the front of the building also has outside seating, which is a little quieter and you're not closed in.”
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“Most if not all movies are dubbed in spanish, but who doesn't like a movie on a rainy day?”
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“The museum you are supporting by staying at the Casita, MUREM, is located just 3/4 block from the central park. Inside we display a selection of traditional, indigenous, and contemporary ethnic costumes from throughout Mexico. You are welcome to tour on your own, or walk through with a staff member. We have the museum to collect, preserve, and display beautiful and unique clothing woven, sewn, embroidered, and beaded by communities that are becoming more and more connected with the greater world. In a generation or two or three, traditions will shift and quite possibly these clothes will no longer be made for daily or ceremonial use. Free entrance for all Casita guests.”
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“Ok, I'm going to confess, I've never been inside La Joyita because they say that "good" women don't go into cantinas in Mexico. But La Joyita is a long-standing tradition here that I pass it every day because it is near the museum. It's got those fun swinging doors that you push to enter (and leave) a bar like in old western movies. The music is good, and sometimes live. The people are always laughing and singing. I see botana (snack) plates on the tables as I longingly walk by. It is not a dingy place, which cantinas can sometimes be. I see people who are obviously not from here inside--men and women. One of these days I'm going to enter...but for now I am too chicken.”
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