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Autovermietungen und Autowerkstätten in Utrecht

“The iconic Dom Tower is Utrecht's pride and joy – a special monument with a unique story. At 112 metres, it remains the highest church tower in the Netherlands.”
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“Tivoli hosts concerts and parties very often. If you are in town check their schedule to see if there is anything interesting to you!!”
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“Relatively new city park 10-15min walking distance from home. Has a petting zoo inside the park which is open from Tue until Sun from 10.00-17.00 (it's for free) and couple of different restaurants near by/ on Blauwkapelseweg street.”
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“112m/367ft and 465 steps to take you there.. magnificent view (especially on clear days)”
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“Amazingly delicious locally-brewed Belgian- style beer, in a very historic "hidden" church. Always a crowd, pretty loud accoustics”
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“One more authentic movie theater. Located in a former police station from around 1927 it opened it' s doors for movie lovers in year 2004. ”
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Medical Center
“Utrecht's most beautiful park, also one of the biggest. It includes a great restaurant which shares it's name with the park, however it's quite expensive. The houses and streets surrounding the park are beautiful.”
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“During the day and even in the evenings this a popular location for people to sit down for a drink. There are a few bars attached to this kind of square (not a big open square, there are roads in between)”
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“The main museum in Utrecht with a wide-ranging collection, mainly of works produced locally.”
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“Utrecht is an amazing major city similar to Amsterdam (including canals and bicycles), but with less tourism. Amazing architecture and many nice restaurants and bars near the canals! ”
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“When you're really looking into something that your toddler can do; maybe visiting Miffy's house is something nice you can do. Here the toddlers can play, play and play.... ”
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“Beautiful mid-century castle that is still inhabited for 1 month a year. Beautiful gardens.”
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“There is a supermarkt, bakery, fish, meat, cheese, vegetables. There is a Laundry at the Oude Gracht”
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“beautiful and delicious...bike ride here! If hot - jump in the water when you get there.”
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“There is a statue of Anne Frank in front of the church. On Saturday there is a flower market.”
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“Iconic square nearby the apartment, lot's of different bars and cafes to check out. During the daytime food is served as well.”
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