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Best things to do in Utrecht

“The main museum in Utrecht with a wide-ranging collection, mainly of works produced locally.”
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“When you're really looking into something that your toddler can do; maybe visiting Miffy's house is something nice you can do. Here the toddlers can play, play and play.... ”
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“8 kilometers from our caravan you can find Castle De Haar. It is a nice area to cycle through and to visit also. To visit De Haar Castle, whether to admire its park, its rich history, the exhibitions, gardens, deer or for a wedding, is to be immersed in a different world. Behind every door, every detail, every flower in its colourful gardens is a story. A story about earlier times, different cultures and interesting characters. De Haar is the largest castle in the Netherlands, once the private residence of the Van Zuylen family, whose descendants still stay here yearly. In the last century, the castle also frequently hosted members of the international jet set with their lavish lifestyle; from Coco Chanel to Roger Moore, they too left their mark on the sumptuous rooms of the most opulent spot in Utrecht. Few castles in The Netherlands can equal De Haar for its ideal image of a medieval fortress with towers and ramparts, moats, gates and drawbridges. Like a real fairy-tale castle it rises majestically from parkland with impressive trees, old gardens and ponds. The castle is situated in the centre of The Netherlands, near Utrecht, and is easy to reach by car. There is ample parking space. De Haar Castle ranks among the top twenty most visited Dutch museums. It is a historic monument alive with year-round activities such as guided tours (for adults and for children), exhibitions, theatre and events. De Haar Castle is a private foundation and does not receive any regular subsidies from local or central government. The foundation is a non-profit organisation and depends entirely on its revenues from ticket sales, activities and events. For over a century it has been tradition for the Van Zuylen van Nijevelt van de Haar family to reside in the castle for one month a year, in September. The tradition centres around entertaining prominent international guests at lavish house parties hosted by the baron and baroness. Famous guests included Coco Chanel, Maria Callas, Gregory Peck, Roger Moore, Yves Saint Laurent, Joan Collins and Brigitte Bardot. The medieval House De Haar dates from the 13th century. It fell into disrepair in the 18th and 19th centuries. Architect Pierre Cuypers (famous for his designs of the Rijksmuseum and the Central Station in Amsterdam) restored and rebuilt De Haar for baron Etienne van Zuylen van Nijevelt van de Haar. The rebuilding took from 1892 till 1912 and was a project unique of its kind in all of Europe. Cuypers’ grand design included not just the architecture of the castle but also the interiors, the gardens, the chapel and even the village of Haarzuilens. Without exaggeration the whole can be described as a Gesamtkunstwerk. Cuypers has created a unique, special world: an enchanting oasis of harmony and peace. The park and gardens surrounding De Haar Castle – covering over 135 acres of land – are worth a visit in their own right. The Rose Garden, the Roman Garden, the ponds and canals, as well as the many bridges, romantic vistas and impressive avenues invite visitors to go on long walks or have a picnic. Each season in the park has its own charm.”
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“Step into the wonderful world of self-playing musical instruments and be surprised by the cheerful music! By listening and listening, you learn more about all the instruments: from the smallest music box to the largest barrel organ. Also very suitable for families. In the holidays there are activities and / or special shows for children. This museum is located in the beautiful center of Utrecht, near the canals with shops and nice terraces and restaurants. You must have seen Utrecht when you come to Maarssen! www.museumspeelklok.nl”
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“The permanent collection deserves a visit (Rietveld collection + pieces of the Dutch painting scene, I like the paintings you can find of Pyke Koch) + check which is the actual exposition they always do great exposition!”
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History Museum
“The Museum Catharijneconvent is a museum of religious art in Utrecht in the Netherlands. It is located in the former St. Catharine convent, having been sited there since 1979.”
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“-Route 1: Slot Zuilen + Marsen. Time: half day Take a bike to Slot Zuilen, an old castle along the river Vecht (Vechtdijk), stop at the castel, take a tour around. Enjoy a chocomilk drink/ lunch at Bistro Belle. Keep cycling to Maarssenbroek, enjoy the village, the Oudedijk street is enjoyable for cycling. -Route 2: Slot Zuilen + Marsen + Loosdrecht lake: 1 day Take a bike to Slot Zuilen, an old castle along the river Vecht (Vechtdijk), stop at the castel, take a tour around. Enjoy a chocomilk drink/ lunch at Bistro Belle. Keep cycling to Maarssenbroek, enjoy the village, the Oudedijk street is enjoyable for cycling. Keep cycling to Loosdrecht (50 minutes), enjoy the lake, stop at In D”
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History Museum
“The entrance to the underground space where you can view 2,000 years of Dutch history is in the middle of Dom Square. A route under the centuries old square can be followed with a special torch to discover all sorts of archeological finds. History literally springs to life as the torch activates stories and animated films.”
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“The house is built by the famous Dutch architect Gerrit Rietveld. Inside is also original”
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“The lovely thing about this museum is the old botanic gardens in the back. You can also get a separate ticket just to go there.”
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“Great museum for both children and parents. The history of trains, with a lot of (royal) old trains on display.”
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Historische Stätte
“Interesting place that combines art, culture, theater, play farm and a museum in one. This is where you can see a huge roman boat that was discovered locally and restored. ”
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Science Museum
“There is also a garden (Botanica) behind the museum. A quit and nice place for reading/drinking/resting. ”
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“Heel leuk interaktief museum waar je veel inzicht kunt krijgen in bouwwerken en strategie van de Hollandse waterlinie.”
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“Slot Zuylen Castle is situated on the river Vecht in the tiny village of Oud-Zuilen near Utrecht. One of the oldest castles on the river it was converted into a country maison in the 18th century. The past is recalled to life through guided tours, garden walks, concerts and special events. ”
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