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Best things to do in Metropolitan City of Turin

“I suggest to walk into the palace and go up the stairs to the last floor where it's possible to enjoy the view of Turin, which is gratis and the same of you can see from the "Mole Antonelliana" but the elevator of the last one is not gratis. ”
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Soccer Stadium
“[IT] Stadio della Juventus, per andare a vedere una partita o fare il tour. [ENG] Juventus Stadium, you can go for a match or take a tour”
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“The biggest piazzas in all Italy, is surrounded of nice bar, pubs and restaurants and is one the "heart" of the city during the night. Stunning view of the river and the hills.”
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Piedmontese Restaurant
“Very cheap, very good, super popular! Very nice atmosphere in one lively and romantic square!”
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“Huge Park close to Turin good for long walks and bicycle rides with children.”
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“È patrimonio mondiale dell'umanità UNESCO come parte del sito seriale Residenze Sabaude. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part serial Savoy Residences.”
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Point of Interest
“Briancon's old town is beautiful, have a wander down the Gargouille (main street) for craft shops, check out the church and meander through some of the backstreets - the views are fabulous. If you like a walk, hike up to the old forts, they are very impressive!”
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“Turin's central square is lined with museums, theatres and cafes. The city's Savoy heart, although laid out from the mid-1300s, was mostly constructed from the 16th to 18th centuries. From the square you can admire some of the most important town buildings: the austere Royal Palace, the beautiful Madama Palace, the Teatro Regio, the Palace of the Regional Council, the Government’s Palace, the Secretariats, the Royal Armory and the Royal Library, containing the famous self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci. Piazza Castello is also the meeting point of the four major streets of Turin: Via Roma, Via Pietro Micca, Via Po and Via Garibaldi, one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe.”
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“There are often free events hosted in this huge square, and great restaurants for apperitivo”
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Opera House
“Regio is the most beautiful theatre of the city and it is the center of Turin's cultural and artistic life. It is one of the largest lyrical theaters in Italy and one of the most important theaters in the European and international scene, currently part of the UNESCO Sabaude Residences site listed on the World Heritage List since 1977”
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Historische Stätte
“Antica abbazia arrampicata sulle rocce e all'imbocco della Val di Susa con vista drammatica sulla Pianura Padana. An ancient abbey at the top of the rocks, at the entrance of Val di Susa with dramatic view on the Padana Plain.”
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“You can arrive here hiking or biking but if you have a car, well, by car as well. It's the highest place in town, the view is lovely.”
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“Not a real zoo, not a simple swimming pool, more likely to be a do it your self safari experience”
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“Another " Hunting House " (Palazzina di Caccia) ..smaller than La Venaria Reale but its old dancing hall will remain impressed in your memories (I think so!) ”
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Soccer Stadium
“[IT] Stadio del Toro o Olimpico. [ENG] Torino FC stadium and also Olympic stadium.”
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“The Fenestrelle's Fortress was built from the eighteenth to the nineteenth century. It's one of the biggest military fortress in Europe. ”
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