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Best things to do in Tucson

“The Hotel has it all, great food, great pation, easy drinking, live music. Very close to my neighborhood. Grab your bike and head on down.”
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“This amazing Spanish Catholic mission that was built in 1797 is a beautiful piece of history! The architecture, painting, carving and just the way it was built is fascinating. Sitting in the cool church is a tranquil experience. Just south of Tucson, it is a place that breathes the history of the area. ”
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Mexikanisches Restaurant
“Great for a date night. This place has no set menu, each day the chef decides on the menu and it is written on a chalkboard. The waiter brings the chalkboard over after you are seated and goes over the day's options. Our favorite is to go with the Chef's special. If you are adventurous and don't have any food allergies, this is the way to go. Each plate is given a smaller selection of 3-4 menu items with a colorful salad. It is really fun to see what you get. If you are more selective, you can order one entree from the menu. Honestly, we have never had a dish there we did not like. ”
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“This boutique cinema is very close to Seneca Casitas. It shows interesting films and has been a Tucson icon for many years.”
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Botanical Garden
“A treasure of Tucson, the botanical gardens is 5 1/2 acres of gardens of all kinds! They have butterfly magic in the spring where you can watch butterflies break out of their cocoons and fly for the first time! ”
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“Whether we are orbiting an asteroid or determining how we feed 9 billion people, Arizona Wildcats are continually looking to explore, experiment and expand. The campus is home to a variety of attractions to fill your day. From living laboratories to world-class fine art to cultural attractions there is something for everyone. We also have free, public tours available during academic year. See, play, explore, Arizona. Visit our website for more information: http://visitorcenter.arizona.edu/”
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Science Museum
“If you love military planes, jets, history, space travel, etc this place is a great activity. You can spend hours here walking through all the hangers. Outside you can tour the boneyard that displays even more aircraft. I do not recommend going in the summer--way too hot. ”
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“Tons of trails to hike, walk, run, or on some days....even bike! There is a parking fee (daily or annual). Just a mile from the condo!”
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“Near the university on the streetcar route. Wood fired pizza, sandwiches, local beers and coffee and market with fine wines and cheeses. Nice patio to people watch in a historic neighborhood!”
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“Sabino Canyon is a wonderful desert experience not far from the city. Locals hike here often with trails that follow a creek. There's shuttle tours too, for those who aren't ready for a Tucson hiking experience. If you are visiting Tucson for nature, this is a place to check out. ”
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“Great spot to try out craft beer and wine on rotating taps along with a take out option for bottles. Mix and match a 6 pack to try new beers to go, or borrow one of our growlers! Great local hang out any night of the week. Family friendly with board games. They do not serve food but will have a food truck set up outside most nights.”
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“A courtyard setting with great food. This is the last stop on the streetcar line. An open courtyard with gourmet coffee, breakfast and dinner restaurants. Its about 15 minutes from the house”
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“Beautiful traditional and contemporary art. Explore downtown while you're in the area as well. ”
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Amerikanisches Restaurant
“BEST huevos rancheros in Tucson, serving breakfast and lunch. A bit far for walking, but worth the trek or drive. Wonderful food and incredible desserts, in addition to a small but beautifully curated market. ”
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“Historic music venue in the heart of downtown. Hopefully you can check out a show!”
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“most incredible hand crafter pastries and scones. Head there in the morning while they are still warm. Pick up a pound of fresh roasted beans for your coffee at home.”
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