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Top-Empfehlungen von Einheimischen

Vom Sightseeing bis hin zu versteckten Juwelen: Finde mit der Hilfe von erfahrenen Einheimischen heraus, was die Stadt einzigartig macht.

“The Castle of Miramare stands on the tip of the promontory of Grignano. Its position overlooking the sea, provides the possibility to enjoy a wonderful view over the Gulf of Trieste. The Castle is surrounded by a beautiful park with valuable botanical species where one can relax.”
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“The Revoltella Museum is an important modern art gallery that originated from an institution founded in 1872 by Baron Pasquale Revoltella (1795 – 1869). Revoltella bequeathed his palace and his art collection to the city of Trieste; but in addition to the building and the objects contained within he also bestowed a conspicuous revenue to the museum. This allowed for the continuous increase of patrimony and accumulation, in a remarkably short time, of a considerable art collection. ”
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Nature Preserve
“Fuer alle geeignet: Relax entlang des Flusses in der Natur, Mountainbiking, Downhill, Baden an der Quelle (sehr kalt) oder entlang des Flusses, Wanderungen und Pic-Nics”
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“Seit der Vorgeschichte stand auf dem Hügel San Giusto ein Castelliere, das in der Römerzeit zu einem wichtigen städtischen Zentrum wurde. Die Burg, die im Mittelalter von den Venezianern erbaut worden war, wurde im 14. Jahrhundert auf Veranlassung des Patriarchen von Aquileia abgerissen und erst 1470 wurde sie von Friedrich II. von Habsburg wiederaufgebaut. Aus letzterer Zeit stammen der quadratische Turm und das Gebäude mit zwei Stockwerken, heute Sitz des Museo Civico (Städtisches Museum).”
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“Historical caffe in Trieste opened in 1914 and famous as a meeting point for the city’s intellectuals and young students. But those are not the only guests: in fact, it housed young irredentists, and functioned as a laboratory for producing fake passports to allow the escape of anti-Austrian patriots to Italy. Today this cafe has a restaurant, book store and organized exhibitions of local artists. Insider tip: If you love this, give a look as well to the other intellectual cafes: Caffe Tommaseo, Caffe Tergesteo and Caffe degli Specchi. Via Battisti 18 ”
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“Not behind the corner, but your chance to learn more about a real cave if you aren’t planning a future in speleology. Its central cavern is over 100m high, 65m wide and 130m long which makes it one of the largest tourist caves in the world. Approximately 20 minutes by car is the Grotta Gigante (literally “gigantic cave”) Throughout its known history, this cave has been in the Guiness Book of Records, and a 4 person hot-air balloon has even flown through it! Today, guided tours are available of this immense natural phemonenon and your tour guide will explain about its history and the various features of the cave including the stalactites and stalagmites. If you visit this cave, ensure to take a jacket and walking shoes as the underground temperatures are not favourable and the way back up is for approx 300 steps. ”
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“typische Triestiner Küche.(mittel europaeische) auf Basis von Würstchen, Cragno alle gekochtes Schweinefleisch Teile (zunge, õhren, etc.), Sauerkraut, Knöchel, Wurst, roh Schinken, usw. und Bier vom Fass.”
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“Lipica horses are world known white horses. In Lipica the horses school and stalls are really worth to visit, there are guided tours inside the park and building komplex.”
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“Ein weiteres Zentrum von Triestiner "Movida". Es ist voll von Orten, wo man Weinprobe genießen kann mit ein paar Snacks...”
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“Das heutige Aussehen des Domes erklärt sich durch die Vereinigung der beiden früheren Kirchen: der Kirche Santa Maria und der Kirche für den Märtyrer Sankt Justus, Patron der Stadt Triest. Den Zusammenschluss beschloss Bischof Roberto Pedrazzano da Robecco zwischen 1302 und 1320, so dass die Stadt eine majestätische Kathedrale erhielt. Bei der Verschmelzung wurde ein Schiff abgerissen; so wurde der Dom fünfschaffig. Die Giebelfassade ist durch eine große Rosette mit doppeltem Rad gekennzeichnet, eine Statue des Hl. Justus, Wappen und ein Portal aus dem Schnitt einer römischen Grabstele.”
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“Opened before WWII, the family-run Siora Rosa is one Trieste's best-loved traditional buffets (bar-restaurants). Sit outside or in the wonderfully retro interior and tuck into boiled pork, sauerkraut and other Germanic and Hungarian offerings, or opt for something fishy like baccalà (salted cod) with polenta.”
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“Zweitschonster platz ueber das Meer in Europa, hat eine fantastissche Aussicht ueber den Gulf und den Karst.”
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“ Piazza Unità d'Italia (English: Unity of Italy Square) is the main square in Trieste, a seaport city in northeast Italy. Located at the foot of the hill with the castle of San Giusto, the square faces the Adriatic Sea. It is often said to be Europe's largest square located next to the sea. The square was built during the period when Trieste was the most important seaport of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and includes the city's municipal buildings and other important palaces.”
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“An area of 3,000 square meters inside the historic wine warehouse where you can buy, eat and study high quality food and drinks.”
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“This veritable hall of mirrors (specchi) first opened its doors back in 1839 and has more recently been taken over by the chocolatiering Faggiotto from Pordenone (although the matriarch is a local; in fact, she was Miss Trieste 1982). This is the ultimate Piazza Unità front-row seat, whatever the weather, and the coffee has returned to its once former glory.”
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“Piazza Unita italia is known as the largest square situated next to the sea in Europe. Several prestigious and important buildings line the square including the Town Hall, the Palazzo del Lloyd Triestino, the Palazzo del Governo and the Palazzo Pitteri – Each of which features a stunning design and beautiful architecture. ”
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