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Best things to do in Den Haag

“Next to the Parliament sits one of the most beautiful museums of the Netherlands, the Mauritshuis. It is pretty small but contains famous paintings from Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt”
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“This museum is the house of Mondriaan, showing the rise of modern arts during 20th century. ”
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Theme Park
“(Located in the Hague) - mini world with main Dutch places. Very nice half day activity.”
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“Der Friedenspalast im Haag wurde 1913 im Stil der Neorenaissance errichtet. Er ist Sitz des Int. Gerichtshofs, des ständigen Schiedshofs u. der Haager Akademie für Völkerrecht.”
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“Multiple bars, all great. Also dancing, music and enough places with good food.”
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“Escher was a mathematician and painter at the same time. The museum is fascinating as it combines art with mathematical figures. The street, Lange Voorhout, where the museum is situated is beautiful too. ”
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“Plein is a very good place to catch a drink on the terras during the day. Nice end of the afternoon as well with the last sun hours. Very nice as well in the evening to grap a bite of drinks.”
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“H.W. Mesdag malte im Haag 1881 dieses Panorama von Scheveningen. Das Gemälde beeindruckt mit 120 m Länge und 14 m Höhe. In 360°- Rundumsicht genießt man die Aussicht von damals. ”
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“Nice and famous street of The Hague to shop, have lunch or to do your groceries.”
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Sublocality Level 2
“Ar the beach. At a suny day you can take tram no.1 . Driect from Delft Train Station to the beach in 45 minutes. ”
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Government Building
“Since The Hague is the seat of the Dutch Government, it also hosts the Parliament. Wonder around the area of the Binnenhof, and take a terrace at the Plein square. ”
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“This is an absolutely beautiful place to navigate through - only accessible by bike. Soak up the typical Dutch dune landscape.”
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“This bustling beach town is nowadays officially part of The Hague. Tram 1 towards Scheveningen brings you there in 25 minutes. You can relax on the beach and choose one of the many bars and restaurants along the beach (tip, go down the stairs from the boulevard). A little bit more remote is the Zwarte Pad, the last tramstop of line 1. Cross over the dunes and you see many nice bars and restaurants that are less crowded than elsewhere in Scheveningen.”
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“Food scenerie and activities like bungee jumping and a zipline over the sea to the boulevard.”
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“Historic and quaint shopping street in Den Haag with its of beautiful stores and restaurants. It near the Plein, the mauritshuis, and the Binnenhof where you might also like to park your car in the underground garage "Plein".”
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“close to the beach but still quiet. you can rent a boat for an hour and just enjoy yourself”
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