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Parks und Natur in The Bahamas

Die besten Naturempfehlungen von Einheimischen

Public Art
“Unique outdoor destination featuring huge, colorful street murals by artists from around the globe.”
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“The museum, movie, gardens, restaurant and gift shop offer many unique features and interesting information about culture and history of the gardens. Breathtakingly beautiful!”
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“Nice park by the beach and ocean drive. At night, there was alot of people and amazing view and in the day it has parks all over, boardwalk and the beach is right there. its very clean and fun. Bathrooms everywhere. ”
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“Visit Fort Lauderdale's golden beaches, lined with restaurants, shops, bars, and more. ”
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“1111 Parrot Jungle trail, Miami, Fl, 33132. Jungle island, tropical landscape with a jungle full of extraordinary animals.”
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History Museum
“Be magically transported to the beginning of the 20th Century, and the days of gracious living, charm and whimsy when Florida was one of the nation’s last frontier outposts.”
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Other Event
“99-acre urban park located on a shoal between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. Open space featuring a scenic sandy beach, showers, a fishing dock & a skate park. Check for Kite events on Wednesdays”
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“Plaza Mayor is considered the center of the city. Around it there are plenty of historic places and touristic attractions.”
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“Rare environments such as coastal sand hills, upland lakes, and scrub forests as well as the pristine Loxahatchee River make this park a unique spot to explore by foot or water. Historical interests include a secret WWII training camp, story of the shipwrecked Quaker merchant who is the park’s namesake, and Trapper Nelson, the legendary Wild Man of the Loxahatchee. Ranger-guided tours of Trapper Nelson’s 1930s pioneer homestead are available year-round. Visitors can enjoy paved and off-road biking, equestrian and hiking trails. Boating, canoeing and kayaking along the river are also great ways to see the park. Anglers can fish along the riverbank or from a boat. ”
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“Must see when in south florida. They have dolphin and killer whale shows and also many different types of marine life and shark feeding shows.”
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“In this place there are different placer for all, there are the most beautifull waterfall of Cuba. ”
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Theme Park
“Everglades - most unique area to do only in south Florida, make sure you do the airboat ride that glides over swamp land, you will see plenty of gators in the wild, but it’s safe in the boat.. also most offer an alligator show. It is all the way out west, but there are tourist bus tours that will take you out there on excursion (in broward, holiday park is the closest one, but plenty others out there too)”
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“Unforgettable botanical garden. You'll be surrounded by tons of butterflies, as well as exotic birds and plants. ”
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“beautiful green grass and blue sky, a mix of nature wonders and man made design, great for a relaxing walk.”
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“Disco Ayala is a wonderful place to have fun in the nights and dance. Being constructed inside a real cave makes it even more appealing.”
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“If you want to grill on the beach, play basketball or volleyball - this area has it all.”
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