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Best things to do in Tampere

“Great view over the lakes, 1 eur to go up to the tower with the lift. Highly recommended!”
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“Most famous museum in Tampere, also has a restaurant with good lunch buffet”
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“High observation tower with a really, really good restaurant. Restaurant also rotates so if you make some time for longer dinner, you will get a wonderful view of Tampere city and both lakes that surround Tampere, Lake Näsijärvi and Lake Pyhäjärvi.”
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“The biggest and most versatile shopping mall just happens to be 200 meters from the apartment.”
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Bus Station
“ Amusement park, farm style amusement park, aquarium, planetarium, observation tower. The observation tower restaurant is by the way one of the best in Tampere. Not the cheapest one, but worth going definitely. Especially in the evening. The restaurant rotates, so if you take your time with dinner, you will get a stunning full view of Tampere and the both lakes.”
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“Department store, there's quite big grocery store in the down floor (bit expensive)”
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“This is my favorite public sauna in Tampere, https://www.rauhaniemi.net/in-english/ . Here you can enjoy a sauna + lake (even in the winter!) with locals :) . ”
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“Located hidden inside the Särkänniemi amusement park, but worth all the hustle of getting there. More info on the current collections: http://www.tampere.fi/sarahilden/en/index.html”
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“go to the bar on top of Sokos Torni hotel - awesome panoramic view of Tampere guaranteed!”
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“If you decide to go for a stroll in Pispala (which is great!) a good spot to stop is this lovely cafe in Pispala. It's a small place, and especially Sunday brunch is very popular, so make a booking beforehand.”
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“Kauppahalli is over 100 years old indoor market where local producers sell their products. There is large selection of different shops, cafes and restaurants but most importantly the unique atmosphere is worth checking out. It feels like you have stepped back in time, in a good way, once you enter in the hall. My favorite restaurant Neljä Vuodenaikaa is at the end of the hall.”
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“Ruokakauppa alakerrassa, mukava kahvila yläkerrassa. Muuten perinteinen sokos .”
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“Hatanpää Arboretum is picturesque park close to Lake Pyhäjärvi with rare trees, plants and swamp. ”
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“The best pizza place in town, if you are in Tampere, you should definitely try their pizzas. ”
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“If you feel tired for sightseeing, why not watch a movie in Finnkino? With it's 10 screens and tens of latest blockbuster movies you are sure to find one that suits your mood. More info: http://www.finnkino.fi/eng/?TheatreArea=1035”
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“You might have been in a sauna before, but you really haven't experienced a proper Finnish sauna if you don't visit Rajaportti, the longest running public sauna in Finland. It might be an extreme or pleasant experience, depending on what kind of locals you end up to the sauna with. For first timers lower seats are highly recommended. More info: http://www.rajaportti.fi/index.en.php”
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