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Top-Empfehlungen von Einheimischen

Vom Sightseeing bis hin zu versteckten Juwelen: Finde mit der Hilfe von erfahrenen Einheimischen heraus, was die Stadt einzigartig macht.
“Urlauber im Südosten Siziliens sollten unbedingt das Vendicari-Naturreservat besuchen. Es gibt viele Gründe für diese Aussage, aber keiner ist überzeugender als die Tatsache, dass seine schönen Strände zu den am wenigsten besuchten Strände Siziliens zählen... zumindest von Menschen. Am südlichsten Punkt von Siziliens Ostküste gelegen befindet sich Vendicari, eine Mischung aus Lagunen (Pantano), Sandünen, felsigen Küstenzügen und Sandstränden. Der Naturpark wurde 1984 gegründet und beherbergt eine Vielfalt an Flora und Fauna. Der hohe Salzgehalt des Bodens stellt einen idealen Lebensraum für die mediterrane Buschvegetation dar. Es gedeihen Kräuter wie Thymian und Rosmarin und andere stacheli”
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“An impressive old Greek amphitheater, and quarry including the ear of Dionysis. Well worth a visit.”
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Andere tolle Restaurants mit Sitzmöglichkeiten im Freien
“A beautiful place, savage, pristine nature! It's better to go there in spring or in autumn, the walk is a little bit hard when it's hot weather.”
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“15 minutes far from Villa le Girandole, Siracusa is one of the richest cities in terms of culture and history of the whole Sicily, and it has been for ages the crucial centre of the entire province. The city is famous for the Greek colonizations, which are clearly reflected on the cultural heritage, and can be admired on the anphitheathers and on the architecture, especially walking through the enchanted Ortigia. Since 2005, Siracusa with the Necropoli of Pantalica is inserted in the World Heritage Site of UNESCO, because "monuments and archeological sites located in Siracusa are the most amazing example of extraordinary architectual creation which huge various cultural aspects: Greek, Baroque and Romans". ”
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Historische Stätte
“a magical, unmissable place revealing the greek and roman civilization of Syracuse”
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“Called the most beautiful beach of Italy in 2006 Legamabiente nomination. 5 min drive from my villa”
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“A superb, harmonious baroque square, the center of Ortigia, surrounded by magnificent palaces and where the Duomo rises on the ancient columns of the Temple of Athena ”
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History Museum
“Established in the 18th century, since 1988 the museum is located in the headquarters of Villa Landolina and is dedicated to the great archaeologist Paolo Orsi, who carried out the main studies on the city. The Archaeological Museum "Paolo Orsi" collects the most important documentation of prehistory, the protohistory of Sicily and famous works of Greek and Roman art, ceramics, marbles, architectural decorations. The oldest finds range from the Paleolithic to the Bronze Age; notable objects that testify to The Egee, Anatolian and Mycenaean influences. Precious are the kits of the Greek-Sicule necropolis, the ceramic material, the dense reliefs, the archaic statues. Gemma of the Museum is the "Venus anadiomene", called Venus Landolina after her discoverer, a statue of Roman-Hellenistic invoice. The material also comes from excavations of the many Greek colonies of Sicily, from Megara Hyblea, to Eloro, Akrai, Kasmenai, Kamarina and from numerous Hellenized indigenous centers. Since 2010 it is also open to the public...”
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“the most ancient temple in Siracusa in the square that once was the greek "agorà"”
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“The largest necropolis in Europe and one of the wildest areas of South Sicily, the perfect place to go hiking and discover the ancient traces of the original sicilian population.”
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“the castle from Federica of Swabia II, nice view and amazing live concerts during the summer. ”
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“Not many travellers visit these Roman Catacombs: they are maybe the most extended and important out of Rome”
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“The gallery illustrates the development of figurative Syracuse and more generally in the south-eastern Sicily, with particular regard to paintings and decorative arts. ”
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“Main Siracusa church, alghouth only once you arrive in the Duomo square (from Via Cavour) you will understand my suggestion really :) It is a unic case, in the Mediterranean area, of a greek temple ( V century b.C.) that, after 2500 year, it is still an active church.”
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Feinkostladen / Weinladen
“In the street market. Best cheeses in town. Try the "ricotta al forno" (their specialty) and their incredible paninis for which people queue all year long ! ”
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Historische Stätte
“Dionysius used the cave as a prison for political dissidents, and by means of the perfect acoustics eavesdropped on the plans and secrets of his captives.”
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Erstklassige Restaurants

“It's a mini market where is possible to taste and buy some different kind of superb and fresh Italian cheese. (Their 'Tagliere', truly represent the tastes of Sicily. (100m far)”
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Französisches Restaurant
“Great French Bistrot. Perfect to try something different if you had enough of Sicilian food :)”
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“"Lido Varco 23", is a wonderful place to go to the sea! It's all built with wooden platforms on the coast of the Natural Reserve of Plemmirio. Here the fauna species of the sea are protected, and diving in these waters is wonderful! But the Lido is also arranged to have lunch and spend the summer evenings in the company! Little dogs are allowed.”
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Italienisches Restaurant
“Il locale è perfetto come ristorante durante i mesi estivi con vista mozzafiato sul mare ”
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“High level restaurant, quite expensive but the quality and service is guaranteed. Great choice of wines. ”
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“Ristorante raffinato con piatti tipici a base di pesce. Antipasti abbondanti con pesce freschissimo. Vini selezionati. Accoglienza e cortesia al top della professinalità. ”
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Italienisches Restaurant
“one of the best restaurant in town, fresh fish and pasta, very good but quite small place so booking is recommended!”
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“ Here you can drink everything until late night and find local people. The style of club is amazing €€€€”
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