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Best things to do in Stockholm

“This is a stunningly beautiful park, just 5 minutes down the road from where we live. There's a good cafe in there as well or it's a lovely spot high on a hill to sit and look out over the city.”
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“The ones starting the crafted hamburgertrend 10 years ago! A very popular place with well made burgers and popular beerplace.”
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“Visit the Champagne bar at top floor. Stunning views over old Town and Stockholm Downtown.”
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Skandinavisches Restaurant
“The restaurang together with its newly opened wine bar is a must. Classic Swedish dishes. ”
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“A diverse selection of bars and pubs, whether it is rock bars, quiet pubs or places for food. The area is very youth orientated and renowed for sylish individualism. ”
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“A relaxed bar and restaurant with a big outdoor terrace. Here you can play pingpong too.”
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“AG is the premier steak house in Stockholm. Its been around for over 20 years and featured in Netflixs series "Steak Revolution" as one of the top steak restaurants in the world. ”
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“Take bus no 2 outside building. Trendy area with nightclubs and exclusive shopping.”
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“For swimming, outdoors and indoors (with adventure pool). There is also a gym and the area around Eriksdalsbadet is great for walking or running. ”
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Asiatisches Restaurant
“A relaxed bar in Stureplan that is easy to get into. DJs mixing classic house music on vinyl, too. ”
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“Walk through the world heritage site Drottningholm Take a walk through the world heritage site Drottningholm and experience historical garden ideals side by side. There is the baroque garden's strict and tufted symmetry, the intimate garden of the 1760s at China Castle and the 1780s English park where the soft forms of nature are emphasized. Together they show the well-preserved 17th and 18th century architecture that can be seen in the castle area. Make nine stops at 2450 meters. Click here for a picture of the promenade area (picture from SFV's brochure "On a walk through the world heritage Drottningholm").”
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“An old prison, that you don't want to escape from but want to stay there, choose one of the 3 bars or why not visit them all. open until 03.00”
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Theme Park
“Learn about scandenavian's most well-known authors and beloved children's stories, with plays, playing area and other attractions.”
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“Walk among well preserved 18th century red cottages and look at the beautiful view of Djurgården. Stockholm at its best!”
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“Nice to have a drink and /or a snack here. Good location at Norr Mälarstrand next to Lake Mälaren and only a few minutes walk from here.”
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“Nice place to go shopping, eating or the cinema. There is a art hall and museum as well. ”
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