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Was du in Split unternehmen kannst

Entdecke die Stadt aus der Perspektive von Einheimischen. Entdecke die schönsten Dinge, die man unternehmen kann, sowie die besten Restaurants, und erhalte unbezahlbare Ratschläge von den Menschen, die hier leben.

“One of the most important streets in Split that leads to Riva is Marmontova street which was called after marshal Marmont who was in charge of Dalmatia during the French rule from 1806 to 1813. It shows how important Marmont was for the development of the city of Split. In fact, many things were improved during the short French rule: they rebuilt roads, opened schools, hospitals and a post office. Strolling down this broad bustling avenue you can feel the beat of the city. While the soft sea breeze cools you on a hot summer day and the sun and its shimmer on the sea in the distance make you squint your eyes you will have caught a glimpse of the soul of Split.”
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Mediterranes Restaurant
“Excellent new place in town, great view of the Bačvice beach, fine selection of food and drinks”
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Street Address
“Gorgeous little bar both outside and indoors ,delicious food,excellent service...definitely worth a visit!!”
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Travel Agency
“Inter-city buses and trains all come here. You can walk from here to the Riva promenade and all the way to Senjska within a few minutes.”
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“Famous among tourists. Small bar inside of the palace. Easy to find because million people are staying on the street, in the front of the bar. Cool crew. ”
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“Hafen und Verbindungen zu vielen vorgelagerten Inseln und nach Italien. Katamarane, Autofähren und Kreuzfahrtschiffe. Alles ist hier wiederzufinden. ”
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Bus Station
“This is our main bus station, from here it's only few minutes walk to get into town centre. ”
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“This newly opened pizza place has quickly become one of the hottest not just in Split, but in the whole country. For those who value the true napoletan pizza experience this is a must. They have signature cocktails for every pizza on the menu. You can order pizzas with interesting titles and enjoy a variety of choices with a unique taste – with ingredients like shrimps, mortadella, mozzarella, prosciutto, homemade pesto, cherry tomatoes and olives. Make sure to always call & make a reservation since this is a very popular place.”
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“Great service, an amazing selection of wines from Croatia and all over the world”
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“einmalige Aussicht auf die Stadt Split und das Hinterland, den Hafen und das Meer”
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Street Address
““Best food we found in Diocletian's Palace” We stayed in Split Diocletian's Palace in September and ate at the Sushi and Oyster bar several times.”
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Farmers Market
“The outdoor market - Pazar, is located right next to the east wall of the Diocletian Palace, and around the church of St Dominic. It is one of the central places of life in Split, and recently its becoming also a popular destination for tourists eager to feel the local spirit. The outdoor market used to be on today's Fruit Square, but due to the rapid city development there was a need for a bigger space, and today that part of the city's core is the true belly of the city of Split. At the same time it is the place where you can still feel the spirit of Dalmatia and the Mediterranean, the colours, flavours and aromas of fresh fruits and vegetables, but also the sounds, the yelling and bargaining, all of the above will without a doubt be a clear clue to where you are at that moment. Of course all that you can buy on the open market can also be bought in any supermarket, even cheaper, but nothing can replace the local atmosphere.”
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Malerischer Ausblick
“The bell tower of the Cathedral (57m) is the most original Dalmatian Medieval architecture started in the 13th century. The bell tower was thoroughly reconstructed and somewhat altered at the turn of the 20th century. Definitely climb the steps all the way to the top of the bell tower (for a small fee) where a spectacular view of the entire Split awaits you!”
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“Die zentrale Kirche ist immer einen Besuch wert und der Blick vom Kirchturm ist umwerfend :-)”
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“tolles Restaurant im alten Weinkeller, lokale Küche sehr lecker und sympathisch angerichtet, nicht teuer aber hervorragend”
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Street Address
“Highly professional staff, nice atmosphere combined with Mediteranian food. Prices are correct. I recommend visiting this place. You wont regret it. Regards”
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