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Parkplätze in Province of Siena

Hot Spring
“WWW.TERMESANGIOVANNI.IT One of the best thermal establishment in Tuscany. It's about 45 minutes driving from the villa. Maximum 50 minutes. Address: Via Terme San Giovanni, 52, 53040 Rapolano Terme SI Tel. +39 0577 724039 You can check opening hours of San Giovanni Terme in Rapolano on their web site directly! If you'll depart early in the morning maybe you are able to go straight to Montepulciano and have a visit of the town in the morning and then go to Rapolano for the hot spring at lunch time and spend there the entire afternoon / evening in total relax! ”
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Warehouse Store
“ The closest place to buy everything you could possibly need including food, sim with internet, clothes and games.”
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“The Chianti Sculpture Park can be found on the road going towards Pievasciata (Siena). Open from April to September from 10.00am to dusk; from October to March only by appointment. Closed Monday entrance fee charged. The park was opened in 2003, all the works are allocated in a circular plot, crossing an oak wood. The itinerary begins with the owner’s house-gallery opposite the park entrance – even the ticket office is a work of art. The circular itinerary ends with the Japanese artist Kei Nakamura’s ‘Casa del Bosco’.”
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Italienisches Restaurant
“Amazing cold cuts and home made pasta - 20 minutes fa Is always packed and very informal”
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“Here you can find Maestà di Duccio. Entry to the Panorama del Facciatone is included in the entry ticket.”
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Amusement Park
“Entfernung: 50 km. - Ort: Rapolano Terme. Auf Bäume klettern? hier ist es erlaubt! Ein Abenteuerpark für Kinder und Erwachsene. Hier kann man von Baum zu Baum fliegen, Reiten, spielen und Pick nick machen.”
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“An extraordinary collection of Gothic masterpieces from the Sienese school sits inside the 14th-century Palazzo Buonsignori”
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“Do not miss a visit to Pienza, famous for its pecorino cheese (from sheep's milk).”
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“Built to demonstrate the enormous wealth, proud independence and secular nature of Siena, this 14th-century Gothic masterpiece is the visual focal point of the Campo, itself the true heart of the city. Architecturally clever (notice how its concave facade mirrors the opposing convex curve) it has always housed the city's administration and been used as a cultural venue. Its distinctive bell tower, the Torre del Mangia, provides magnificent views to those who brave the steep climb to the top.”
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“In Piazza Gramsci there is the biggest Bus Station close to the historic center and it is locarted only 250 meters away.”
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“Ein Muss für alle Weinliebhaben. diverse Weindegustationen und selbstständige Weinkellerein Begehungen.”
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“Ob Shopping, Sehenswürdigkeiten oder einfach die diversen Restaurants und Bars zu geniessen, sehr zu empfehlen”
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“Bellissima piazza dove si corre la famosa giostra del Saracino a giugno e settembre: è una importante e famosa tradizione storica con origini medievale La Giostra è oggi disputata in costume medievale (XIV sec), a memoria della sua magnificenza al tempo del libero comune, ma presumibilmente ad Arezzo si svolgeva già dal XIII secolo Si tratta di un'antica competizione cavalleresca, che affonda le sue origini nel Medioevo e che consiste nel colpire un bersaglio, posto sullo scudo che Buratto (un automa girevole che impersona il "Re delle Indie") tiene sul braccio sinistro con un colpo di lancia al termine di una veloce carriera a cavallo. Il tutto senza farsi colpire dal mazzafrusto”
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“Museum: Palazzo Comunale, Pinacoteca Torre Grossa Visit the old rooms and halls from which the city has been governed for centuries and then climb to the top of the tower of the Podesta, the tallest tower and look down upon the city.”
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“ We're surrounded by many free hot springs, San Filippo, Saturnia, Petriolo...”
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“The Val d'Orcia is a large valley divided by the Orcia River. It's the main waterway of the area, which begins in Monte Cetona and eventually merges with the Ombrone River. Exploring the flora and fauna along the banks of this river is indeed interesting for any visitor in the area, as is a visit to the Le Mulina town, where tourists can admire the ruins of an ancient mill. Further along the river, visitors will find an array of fountains, whose water locals used to drink, claiming the water was beneficial to women who were breastfeeding. Exploring the area on foot is highly recommended as a way to discover its open spaces, colors, perfumes, woodlands and calming silence.”
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