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Die besten Bars in Sizilien

“Festa of Saint Agatha is one of the biggest Christian celebrations in the world with around 1 million of participants every year.”
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Historische Stätte
“The Cathedral of Monreale, founded by William II in 1172 and dedicated to Santa Maria Nuova houses the largest mosaic decoration (over 6,000 square meters) of the entire production of the Mediterranean basin, performed by Byzantine workers, with vetero stories and new Testamentaries and the Christ Pantocrator in the apse. The plant, like the great Cistercian and Cluniac Romanesque cathedrals, follows the model of the Cathedral of Cefalù. The use of bichrome inlays in lava stone, recessed niches with rings, braided arches and chevron enriches the walls of the external façades and the apses, highlighting the architectural ribs. On the right side of the presbytery, there are the sarcophagus in porphyry of Guglielmo I and the marble one of Guglielmo II. The Cathedral is next to the cloister of the ancient Benedictine monastery characterized by arcades with ogival arches with double arches, supported by twin columns, alternately decorated with mosaics. The sculptural plastic of the capitals, engraved with biblical scenes, is a surprising and original example of Romanesque-Mediterranean art, where there is a mixture of formal and ornamental elements with a classic flavor and Gothic elements of Provençal taste.”
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“Called the most beautiful beach of Italy in 2006 Legamabiente nomination. 5 min drive from my villa”
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“Via Etnea is the main street of the historic center of Catania and it's the shopping street. Nearby there are many restaurants , bars, pubs and pizzerias .”
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Ski Lodge
“Paid excursions to the top of the Etna start from the Rifugio Sapienza . Consider about 4h for the excursion only. You can also walk along the scenic path Sentiero Schiena dell'Asino. At the end, you can admire the Valle del Bove from a vantage point. The Monte Zoccolaro nearby provides a free hiking on a little challenging slope, but doable with decent shoes. There are not many people around, usually. ”
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Historische Stätte
“one of the most famous place of Palermo, called also "piazza della vergogna" (shame) because of the naked statues. ”
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“The Zisa palace (from the Arabic al-Azīz, or “the splendid”) was outside the walls of the ancient town of Palermo, inside the Genoardo (from the Arabic Jannat al-ar or “garden or paradise on the earth”) of which it is the most important and representative monument. With its building peculiarities and its crystalline forms, it refracts the lights of the ifriqena architecture and constitutes the best preserved model of the Arab-Norman architecture. William I began to build it in 1165 and his successor William II completed it. To enrich the palace is the Sala della Fontana located on the ground floor of the building, embellished with profane mosaics and muqarnas vaults. In addition to the fishing pond in front of the complex, there was also a coeval small and precious chapel.”
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“A splendid circuit of Sicilian Baroque masterpieces characterizes the scene in the Piazza del Duomo at the heart of Catania.”
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“It's a modern art museum and in the summer it hosts classic music concerts. ”
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“the beach of Palermo. It is actually separated from the city by a large green park, you can get there from the center in 25 minutes by bus (n. 806) or by car. To attend from April to November, however in the months of July and August it is really too crowded and chaotic since it is a not very large beach”
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Italienisches Restaurant
“a very famous and rustic place with a very long history... only a few steps from us! Here you can get the famous „Rosticceria Palermitana“ don‘t miss it!”
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“Visit Reggio Calabria and do not miss the Bronze statues of Riace at the Museo”
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“Die ganze Altstadt ist voll von schönen Geschäften für Souvenirs, Keramik, Bekleidung, wunderbaren Restaurants....”
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Place to shop
“Very big and old market, good for food shopping & more , with street food stalls and outdoor bars this whole area is up & coming”
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Place of worship
“A unique and mysterious place. Mummies of sicilian people of the 8th century. Very interesting... don't be scared! check out more on internet”
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“One of the most iconic place in Italy, a symbol of Norman culture in Sicily. Unesco's heritage since 2015, it represents one of the most demanded places among tourists. ”
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