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Best things to do in Sarajevo

“If you want to have some shopping you'll be happy to visit this shopping center in the center of the city.”
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“The biggest shopping mall in the city offering the latest in fashion, accessories, food and entertainment.”
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“Heart of town and place where tourists love to come from all around the world.”
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Place of Worship
“The Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque was built in 937 AH (1530/1531 AD) as the central object of the Beg's endowment, which also included a maktab and a madrasa (Islamic primary and secondary schools), a bezistan (vaulted marketplace), a hammam (public bathplace) etc. ”
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Point of Interest
“ https://sarajevo.co.ba/znamenitosti/sebilj-na-bascarsiji/ By far the most recognizable buildings in Sarajevo is Sebilj in Bascarsija. With its beauty, pride and existence, still defies time and as good-looking disseminates beauty Bosnian capital.”
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City Hall
“Firstly created as a house of goverment then used as a Library before it was burned in 1992. It was reconstructed 2015 and now it is used as muzeum/ art gallery.”
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“Nice sightseeing place where you can sit with your loved ones with cup of coffe.”
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“In heart of Old town Sarajevo - Baščaršija, cozy place and really good traditional food.”
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“Svrzo's House is an old house in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina that was established when the Ottoman Empire ruled the area. It is a branch of the Museum of Sarajevo. It is typical in that it has living quarters for the men, the women, and the servants”
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“Tram station: Line number 1: Railway station – Baščaršija Line number 2: Čengić Vila – Baščaršija Line number 3: Ilidža – Baščaršija Tired walking around? Take tram - if you want to go directly to railway station wait for tram number 1, and if you want to go further through city take number 2 or 3.”
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“Visit Sarajevo Cathedral. The building is in the Neo-Gothic style, with Romanesque Revival elements. The building was awarded to the Viennese contractor Baron Karl Schwarz with supervising architect Josip Vancaš. He modeled it after the Notre-Dame in Dijon (France). Work began on 25 August 1884, and was completed on 9 November 1887. ”
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“The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian: Zemaljski Muzej Bosne i Hercegovine / Земаљски музеј Босне и Херцеговине) is located in central Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was established in 1888, having originally been conceived around 1850. In 1913, the museum building was expanded by the Czech architect Karel Pařík who designed a structure of four symmetric pavilions with a facade in the Italian Renaissance Revival style. The four pavilions contain the departments of archaeology, ethnology, natural history, and a library. After being closed for several years due to heavy damage in the recent war, the museum has re-opened and is in the”
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Osteuropäisches Restaurant
“While in Sarajevo - don't miss "ćevapi" - traditional grilled dish of minced meat!”
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“Bascarsija square, the heart of the city. Sebilj fountain is placed at the middle of it. Many traditional souvenir stores, restaurants and coffee shops.”
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“Quite nice ambient with retro style. They playing live music almost every day. One of popular places in old town (part of city)”
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“It is located on the corner of our street, probably the place where your nightlife will start and who knows for many it ends there early in the morning. and it is the area with best pubs in our city. This is one of them, made in London style it will make you feel a bit British while there :D. It's a good place with good events and live music but still with enough space to sit and talk while enjoying in the good vibes. There is also separate Cheers kitchen/restaurant there, but the best thing is that in all those pubs here you can order food from there, and it is a really good restaurant too.”
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