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Best things to do in Sapporo

“Hokkaido is the birthplace of beer in Japan. Sapporo Beer, one of the oldest and most popular beer brands in the country, has been brewed in Sapporo since 1877. The Sapporo Beer Museum (サッポロビール博物館, Sapporo Beer Hakubutsukan) was opened in 1987 in a former brewery from the Meiji Period. The museum introduces the history of beer in Japan and the process of beer making. After the exhibitions, beer tastings are available at a small fee. Alternatively, paid tours are held in Japanese that include a tasting session at the end. Next to the museum is the Sapporo Beer Garden, which consists of a few restaurants. Among the restaurants are several, atmospheric beer halls, but also the more sophisticated Garden Grill restaurant. Popular in the beer halls are all-you-can-drink beer and all-you-can-eat mutton BBQ, a popular local dish named after the great Mongolian ruler Genghis Khan (Jingisukan in Japanese).”
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Point of Interest
“很多免稅店可以買紀念品、土產,還有很多好吃的餐廳。 Many shops for you to buy souvenirs and restaurants for you to enjoy cuisine.”
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“在札幌,可以品尝到静冈的抹茶,仅此这一家。你不但能穿着和服,品尝美味的抹茶和传统的日本点心,还能在老师的一对一指导下亲自学习点茶之术。另外,除了日语,还有会讲英语和中文的工作人员,完全不用担心沟通困难的问题。对我来说,是一个体验和学习日本茶道艺术的绝佳场所。 Ren Tea Ceremony It is the only place where you can taste the Mocha from Shizuoka in Sapporo.You can not only wear Kimono,taste delicious Mocha and traditional Japanese dessert,but also can learn how to make tea under the one-by-one guidance of the Master.In addition,there are staff who can speak Japanese,Chinese and English,so you do not have to worry about communication problems.It was a fantastic experience for me to experience and learn Japanese tea ceremony. Reservation http://sapporo-teaceremony.com/ja/”
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“One of the most famous spots in Sapporo. There is TV tower. If you go up the tower, you'll see a great night view. There is Snow Festival in Winter. If you are from somewhere hot, you'll be able to enjoy snow and see huge snow sculptures.”
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“Nijo Market (二条市場, Nijō Ichiba) is a public market in central Sapporo that occupies about one city block. Both locals and tourists visit the market to shop for fresh local produce and seafood such as crabs, salmon eggs, sea urchin and various fresh and prepared fish.”
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“一家以虾汤底出名的拉面店。肉汤里的面条充分吸收了虾肉的鲜味,每一匙都能让你品尝到虾的新鲜。你可以根据个人喜好选择汤底(原味虾汤底或者虾+豚骨汤底)和调料,还能即场看到师傅的拉面表演。 A ramen shop that is famous for its shrimp soup.The noodles in the broth fully absorb the shrimp ,which can make you enjoy every spoon of the freshness.You can not only choose the kinds of soup(original shrimp soup/shrimp + dolphin soup)and spices based on your preferences but to watch master's ramen performance.”
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Ski Area
“In 1972, in this area was held winter Olympics. If you crime to the top, you can view Sapporo city. And you will be able to experience like the sky jump player.”
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“札幌唯一一处能租到内置唱K功能的车的地方。一边驾车欣赏北海道迷人的风景,一边和家人朋友尽情歌唱,绝对会是旅途难忘的回忆。而且唱K对减压有神奇的功效哦。如果你喜欢唱歌,一定不能错过! Karaoke Rent Car This is the only place where you can rent a car which provides Karaoke service.Driving and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Hokkaido,while singing with your family and friends will definitely be an unforgettable and fantastic memories for the journey.What is more,singing possesses magic effect for decompression.If you like singing,you can not miss it! Reservation https://www2.tocoo.jp/en/search_office/pref_list?brand_id=110&brand_ids[0]=110&pref_id=1#ShopMap”
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“Famous architecture construction designed by Isamu Noguchi, Fire works festival in September. ”
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“这是一个精致的动物园,可以看到热带、温带、寒带、高山和极地的动物。当然还有北海道当地品种的狼、熊、鹿等,足够让你大开眼界。园口近处还设有儿童动物区,非常的贴心。 Maruyama Zoo It is an exquisite zoo where can see tropical, temperate, frigid, alpine and polar animals. Of course there are also local breeds of wolves, bears, deer from Hokkaido, which is enough to make you eye-open. There is a child animal area near the gate, which is very intimate. I strongly recommend you to visit. ”
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“四季を感じられる場所です! 貴方だけの特別、何が見つかるかな? It is a place where you can feel the four seasons! What is special about you, what can you find? 這是一個可以感受四季的地方! 你有什麼特別的,你能找到什麼?”
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“商场就在JR札幌站,不同的通道通向不同的百货商场,即使天气不好也不需要担心。店铺属于中高档类型,品牌也较年轻,总之应有尽有,适合血拼一天。负一层还有各种点心和日本小吃,楼上有很多知名餐厅,营业到晚上11点。但是需要排长龙。 The shopping mall is located near JR Sapporo Station.Different channels are connected to different shopping malls so even the weather is not good,you do not need to worry.Immediate or high grade shops are everywhere.You can buy whatever you want and it is big enough for you to shop all day.There are varieties of snacks and Japanese snacks in underground 1F and there are also many well-known restaurants upstairs,which open until 11PM.But sometimes you need to wait in line.”
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“如果你想安全又花费少地保存你的行李,这是个好选择。首先,没有行李的大小和重量限制;其次场地位于市中心,方便购物和观光游览;另外,有职员看管你的行李。If you wan to keep you luggage safely and cheaply,it is a good choice for you. First,it has no size or weight limitations;secondly,it is located in the center of Sapporo,convenient for shopping or sighting seeing;last but not least,there are staffs keeping your luggage.”
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Japanese Curry Restaurant
“来札幌一定不能错过当地出名的汤咖喱。可以根据个人喜好选择咖喱的辣度。浓郁的咖喱汤底配上蔬菜浅炸后的独特香味,鸡块鲜嫩多汁。 You must not miss the local famous soup curry when you visit Sapporo.You can choose how spicy you want.The rich curry soup is accompanied by the unique aroma of the vegetables after the light fry.The chicken is also fresh and juicy.”
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“Shopping spot of Sapporo. It is on the first floor and contains a duty-free shop, in the basement there are a number of dining options. Rooftop has a Ferris wheel. 札幌のショッピングスポット。 1階には免税店が入っており、地下には飲食店が数多くあります。 屋上は観覧車があります。”
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“R札幌駅前の商業施設「エスタ」10階レストラン街にある ラーメンフードテーマパークです。有名ラーメン店が 10件出店しています。 Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku is located in the food court on the 10th floor of ESTA shopping mall near Sapporo JR station. 10 famous Ramen shops are serving their original and tasty Ramen.”
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