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Best things to do in Santiago

“This museum has a fantastic exploration of the biogeography of Chile. From taxidermy displays to ancient fossils and artifacts from pre-Colombian civilizations so let yourself geek out on the displays about the different regions of Chile *Entrance is free.”
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History Museum
“Desde la Plaza de Armas, el Museo Histórico Nacional exhibe la historia de Chile desde la época precolombina hasta 1973. En sus 15 salas, reúne una amplia colección integrada por vestigios arqueológicos, piezas militares, obras artísticas y antigüedades religiosas. Ellas revelan la huella de pueblos recolectores From the Plaza de Armas, the National Historical Museum exhibits the history of Chile from pre-Columbian times until 1973. In its 15 rooms, it gathers a wide collection of archaeological remains, military pieces, artistic works and religious antiquities. They reveal the footprint of collecting peoples”
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“SO this one is a restaurant but you are going here for the pisco. Get the pisco sour and thank me later. The food is also great Peruvian cuisine, check it out!”
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“Plaza Baquedano, better known as Plaza Italia, is the traditional meeting place for celebrations and important social events of the city of Santiago. This ovoid space also plays a role because nerve in the vicinity converge three communes: Santiago, Recoleta and Providencia. For the commemoration, in 1910, the centenary of the Independence of Chile, the Government of Italy presented a statue of a winged angel and a lion. This work was installed in the adjoining square, so since it was called Plaza Italia. In 1927 the square was remodeled and was at the center the statue of General Baquedano officially taking the name of Plaza Baquedano. At the foot of the statue of General Baquedano is the tomb where the remains of the "Unknown Soldier of the Fatherland", which was found in a battlefield during the Pacific War.”
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“It is the oldest surviving church from the colonial era and has an excellent museum. ”
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“Check out a concert in the arena located in Parque O'Higgins http://movistararena.cl/web2/?post_type=tribe_events”
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“Very busy street with lots of commerce. Be aware of your belongings, always use your backpacks in the front when walking and cameras in safe places (not at sight of people).”
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“Nice neighborhood with bars and clubs to get out. Really safe and fun. Make sure to eat a "completo" after your night out. ”
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“Bellavista is a neighborhood full of restaurants, bars and some shops where you can find Lapizlázuli (blue stone that you can find only in Chile and Afganistan). You can get there, from the apartment using the subway until Baquedano station, then walk 3-4 blocks from the station in direction to the north.”
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“Little cinema, sometimes with very good movies. Anyway the area is plenty of restaurants and bars, at least you will enjoy around”
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“Really cool small modern art museum in the fun and trendy Lastarria neighborhood downtown”
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“You must go and taste the best Ice cream ever!!, nice place to see people walking around.”
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“Parque creado en 1983, donde existen hermosos Monumentos Nacionales, como el Palacio Cousiño y la Iglesia de Los Sacramentinos. Tiene 12 hectáreas, en las que destacan la estatua Ecuestre de Diego de Almagro, del escultor español Joaquín García Donaire, y la obra Pedro Aguirre Cerda, un abstracto conjunto de siete bloques de piedra de gran tamaño, puestas sobre una plazoleta de cemento bordeada por piedras canteadas. ”
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“All the brands really close of the apartament , fast food and everything you need”
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“Varios edificos historicos como la catedral, el correo y la municipalidad. Several historical edificos as the cathedral, the mail and the county. Vários edificos históricos como a catedral, municipio ”
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“Is a old neighborhood, small streets, ale buildings and you feel you are in a little pice of Paris - London.”
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