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“This museum is part of the Museos del Oro family, managed by Colombia's central bank, the Banco de la República. It used to be Santa Marta's taxes house, the Casa de la Aduana, its oldest and biggest house. It's where Simon Bolivar was greeted upon his arrival in the city, in december 1830 and where his wake was held, a few days later. ”
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Medical Center
“The names of some of Santa Marta neighborhoods attest to the presence of numerous indigenous communities in the area. Mamatoco was one of them. It then became a small colonial town, of which the church still remains standing, and later became part of Santa Marta. There is a mall there, the biggest in the city, and also a round about, which operates as a transport terminal of sorts. But mainly Mamatoco is the place the Quinta de San Pedro is, a Botanical Garden and arts and history Museum, the last place where Simón Bolívar drew breath. The Libertador was supposedly on his way to a self-imposed exile in Europe when he fell ill after arriving in Cartagena from Bogota, an extenuating journey of more than a thousand kilometers. The doctors recommended the father of the Colombian nation to take cover in Santa Marta, a lot less humid than Cartagena, and it was a Spanish landowner, Joaquín de Mier y Benítez who hosted him during his last days on earth. The Hacienda is the most beautiful place in the city, by a mile. There is also an interesting museum of Latin American Art. There are birdwatching sessions periodically. ”
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Point of Interest
“There is a, Aquasport in Rodadero near Arrecife Mall. Schedule a scuba session there.”
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Travel Agency
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