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Was du in Sankt Petersburg unternehmen kannst

Entdecke die Stadt aus der Perspektive von Einheimischen. Entdecke die schönsten Dinge, die man unternehmen kann, sowie die besten Restaurants, und erhalte unbezahlbare Ratschläge von den Menschen, die hier leben.

“Ermitage in Sankt Petersburg an der Newa ist eines der größten und bedeutendsten Kunstmuseen der Welt. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eremitage_(Sankt_Petersburg)”
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“The biggest and the most popular shopping center in Saint-Petersburg, in a walking distance from the apartment (20 minutes of walking straight through Ligovsky Ave. or 10 minutes by bus №3, 26 or 91). It is better not to take a bus due to the busy traffic.”
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Historische Stätte
“The city was started from here. A fortress founded in 1703. Each day in the midday you will hear a shot from historical gun , if you leave in nearest 5km. Cool views from an embankment side. Exquisite church, an oldest in the city. An excursion by bastions costs its price.”
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“One of the largest collections of Russian fine art reside in this museum - a must see if you're an art fan. ”
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“This is the oldest garden in St. Petersburg. The date of its foundation almost coincides with the date of foundation of the city. Entrance to the garden is free. Tuesday is a day off. From April to May, the garden is usually closed for drying.”
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Opera House
“Theatre for Emperors - beautiful inside, best dancers and singers, classic school of ballet and opera. Breathtaking!”
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“Nice place for a walk or jogging round. Green park with fresh air from the Baltic sea. ”
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“the Savior on blood is the closest sightseeing from our flat its just opposite the windows”
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“Unbedingt anschauen! Unglaublich schön und grandios! Die Kolonnade ist auch empfehlenswert, aber da muss man zu Fuß hochlaufen, und es ist vielleicht nicht unbedingt schön für Menschen mit Höhenangst, aber der Blick macht einfach sprachlos!”
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“I am not quite into contemporary art, but this folks often feature quite interesting collections and artists. This venue is also a spot for music lovers -- it's common for them to invite nice and iconic musicians.”
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“Central square of the city, being famous for a number of historical moments.”
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Theme Park
“Don't miss a chance to have fun in the Kresovsky island. This world of different attractions will let you train your vestibular apparatus and have fun with your firends. Enjoy!”
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Point of Interest
“Big shopping center with a supermarket, it's not very cheap but has a great variety of products.”
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“Ein faszinierendes Bauwerk das einen bereits beim Betreten völlig mit den Ganzen Mosaiken überfordert.”
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“Nice park in the center with broad overview and wide areas. Eternal Flame monument.”
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“The famous cathedral and square created in early XIX century with a target to resemble St. Peters Cathedral in Vatican. Closest connection by metro, right in front of the exit. ”
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