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Best things to do in Salvador

“Die Altstadt von Salvador ist eine absolute Sehenswürdigkeit mit einer Vielzahl an Touristen Attraktionen!”
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Historische Stätte
“Essen und typische Touristen Accessoires findet man hier ohne Ende. Feilschen ausdrücklich erlaubt!”
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“Viele Straßen-Gastronomiebetriebe bis tief in die Nacht. Sicher und gehoben im Künstlerviertel.”
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“Want to feel all the great emotions of Brazilian football? This is definitely the place!”
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“vom Mercado Modelo direkt mit dem berühmten Aufzug in die Altstadt, das berühmte Pelourinho, das unter UNESCO Weltkulturerbe steht.”
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“Farol da Barra is a traditional spot, it is a Portuguese Light House and also a military fort, old as Salvador, in the past it was responsible for the maritime defense of the "Todos os Santos" Bay and the city. It houses a Nautical Museum as well.”
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“There are several "shopping" around in Salvador; airconditioned shopping malls where they have the bigger chain stores for clothes and electronics. There are buses leaving from Praca do Se. ”
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“Barra Mall. One of the Best shopping centers. 1 km away from the apartment.”
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“The food is amazing and typical bahiano!! Don't forget to go on Fridays, as Fridays is typical day wich every restaurant must cook bahiano food!! Ex. "caruru" "Vatapá" "Moqueca de peixe" etc.”
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“Um do maiores Shoppings de Salvador possuindo além da praça de alimentação, restaurantes exclusivos e cinemas da melhor qualidade além de lojas representando as principais maras internacionais.”
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“The most famous Church of Salvador. Buy one (or more) bracelets and tie them with 3 knots on the fence of the Church, or on your wrist. With every knot, you can make a wish and as soon as it falls off your wishes will come true! ”
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“Pessoas divertidas e ponto do surf. Surfspot and fun people. Du surf et des jeunes gens. Jovenes y surf.”
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“Próximo ao apartamento, variedade de lojas, bons locais para almoçar ou fazer um lanche.”
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“Lugar sem igual. Com certeza, quem vai turistar em SSA tem que assistir a algum evento nesse espaço.”
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“Jorge Amado and Zelia Gattai, our most famous writers had lived in the "bairro" for many years. The house is a must to visit. ”
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“Best Acaraje in town, nice bars all around the plaza with life music on weekends. On weekends nightlife until 3-4 am :-) order your Acaraje with everything including dried shrimps, YUMMY”
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