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Parkplätze in Rotterdam

“This is the street where a lot of night life begins for lots of people. People come here to chill after work at 5pm, get a bite to eat at 7pm, or start their night out at 10pm. Take your pick. It's a leisurely 15 minute walk from my place, or if you're lazy, take tram 4, 7, 11 from central station.”
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“Classic Hotel New York with good restaurant and bar. Especially in the summer the terrace is very nice with great view. They even have beach chairs at the waterside, no service here but the good thing is that you can bring your own drinks.”
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Farmers Market
“Great place to visit. Industrial building with fresh food market of local companies. Big selection of craft beers by the 'Kaapse brouwers' and the food platter option is a nice way to taste the different flavours of the entrepeneurs located here. The view is fantastic as well. Hop on the watertaxi (you need to make a reservation for this) and go to your next stop to visit for example the 'Witte de Withstraat' for more bars and restaurants.”
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“To use thier own words: "a house for imagination, inspiration and creativity"”
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Malerischer Ausblick
“The Euromast was built in 1960 under the direction of Huig Maaskant, one of the prominent Rotterdam reconstruction architects. The occasion at that time was the Floriade agricultural and horticultural exhibition that was held in 1960. The length then was 107 meters. With a super fast lift you first reach the crow's nest where a panorama restaurant and the viewing platform are located. After that, slowly moving with the Euroscope, we go all the way to the top. The view is more than spectacular. The city, the skyline, the ports and even The Hague and the North Sea are visible with clear weather. ”
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Molecular Gastronomy Restaurant
“Ein Zoo, der seinesgleichen sucht. - Auf jeden Fall einen ganzen Tag einplanen! ”
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“Impressive bridge across the river Maas, nice walk to the other side. See Wilhelminapier.”
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“This new and iconic building is special because of the design and the fact that you can shop there for wonderful food.”
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“This building was designed bij the most famous architect of Rotterdam: Rem Koolhaas. They don’t have permanent collection, but it’s always nice to see what’s on. ”
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Recreation Center
“The 'Kralingse bos en plas' are the city forest and lake where you can enjoy a bit of nature right in the middle of Rotterdam. Here you can also rent a boat, kayak or SUP to hit the water. There are plenty bars/restaurants here as well.”
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“You'll also find the Cube houses (kubuswoningen) at a nice 10-15 minutes strollfrom our flat, and one of them actually is a museum/exhibition that you can visit for just 3 euro. The beautiful Markthal is also right there. ”
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Boot oder Fähre
“You get to see some amazing parts of the Port of Rotterdam, and there are a choice of tours for all budgets and tastes.”
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“The Markthal was named by CNN as one of the 10 most beautiful new buildings in the world. It's a nice 10-15 minutes stroll from the flat. You'll also find the Cube houses (kubuswoningen) there, and one of them actually is a museum/exhibition that you can visit for just 3 euro. ”
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Malerischer Ausblick
“Tower from which you can look all over Rotterdam (you can actually see it when you stand outside on the 's-Gravendijkwal, direction South.”
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“During nice summer days the lake and the parks around it get crowded by local Rotterdam people/students who lay and enjoy the sun, or make barbecue, or take a bath in the beach at the west side of the lake”
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“German Biergarten themed outside bar. Very busy on the weekends and with nice weather.”
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