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Top recommendations from locals

Science Museum
“It is a Science Museum. Located on land jutting out into the Harbour next to the Port Area.”
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Cultural Center
“It is ons of the biggest art centers in the world. It holds art exhibitions, theaters, historial exhibitions, music and other activities. The building located at the heart of the most conserved "old Rio" quarter is also astonishing.”
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“Beautiful architecture and you can walk around and sightseeing by the park with a view of Guanabara’s bay and Sugar Loaf. ”
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“www.museudeartedorio.org.br - inaugurated in 2013, top floor dedicated to original prints of old Rio)”
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“It is an Urban mansion, once Brazil's presidential palace. which now houses the Museu da Republica and Theater. The property is a prime example of neoclassical architecture in the Country. It has a beautiful landscape as well. You can visit the museum or only walk thru the gardens. Subway station : Catete leave you across it. ”
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History Museum
“The Museu Imperial de Petrópolis is a museum in the historic center of Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, housed in the former summer palace of Emperor Pedro II (1831–1889), built in 1845. The museum includes the palace itself and a temporary exhibition hall dedicated to contemporary art. It is one of the most-visited museums in the country.”
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“O Museu foi projetado por Oscar Niemeyer. De Niterói há uma bela vista da cidade do Rio de Janeiro The Museum was designed by Oscar Niemeyer. From Niterói there is a beautiful view of the city of Rio de Janeiro”
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Historische Stätte
“Theater, life Musik, toller Aussichtspunkt zum Zentrum, Guanabara Bucht und Zuckerhut.”
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“Historic architecture next Municipall theatre. There are famous paints. Take subway until Cinelândia station .”
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Cultural Center
“Great place to visit when you like photography, as it is this Museum's focus. Set in an elegant house, with an amazing garden and green scenery.”
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“A primeira fábrica de cerveja Boêmia foi em Petrópolis que está aberto ao público, tem restaurante para degustação. ”
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History Museum
“Local culture available - expositions, every thursday there is a kind of concert with local artists - live music”
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History Museum
“The National Historical Museum of Brazil, was created in 1922, and possesses over 287,000 items, including the largest collection of Latin America.”
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Cultural Center
“Charmosíssimo espaço cultural em frente à praia de Ipanema, com bar, teatros, cinemas, galerias de arte. Programa ideal para fins de tarde e noites! Very charming cultural space in front of Ipanema beach, with bar, theaters, cinemas, art galleries. Ideal program for late afternoon and evening!”
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“Brazilian aviation and dirigible balooning inventor ' s house. very peculiar and full of decoration and furniture excentricities.”
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“What surely must be one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Small but well worth a visit.”
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