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Best things to do in Quito

“At this movie theater, you get the latest movies on the market. The theater has the latest sounds and seats available. Great place to go. ”
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“Go To the Equator and Have a Laugh at Its Quirky Attractions La Mitad del Mundo (the Middle of the World) is one big tourist attraction near Quito. This is where the equator passes through Ecuador. It’s all at latitude zero, just north of Quito. Is Going To the Equator Really Worth It? The equator attractions are completely touristy, out of the way from central Quito, and the main monument isn’t even actually on the equator. Despite these downsides, going to the equator can still be a quirky and fun thing to do in Quito. It’s a half-day diversion outside of the city. For those with only one day or two days in Quito, perhaps the equator attractions could be something to skip. But if you’re in Quito for more than a few days, it’s almost necessary to add it to your Quito itinerary. Come see what all the fuss is about and snap a few equator-selfies! A pathway leads to the Mitad del Mundo equator monument Understand there are two separate Quito equator attractions: Ciudad Mitad del Mundo, Museo Solar Intiñan Quito Equator Attraction #1: Ciudad Mitad del Mundo The equator monument at Ciudad del Mundo isn't actually on the equator as proven by GPSMitad del Mundo is the location of the main equator monument and that big yellow equator line to snap an equator selfie on top of. Just realize that modern GPS technology shows that the monument was actually erected about 230 meters south of the actual equator. Oops! They haven’t changed the line, nor is there any mention of the inaccuracy at the famed monument. It’s close enough. The monument here is the main attraction. But there’s an entire “equator city” that surrounds it. That’s known as the Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World City). Here, visitors will find loads of tourist shops, cafes, a planetarium, a train ride, and other little attractions.”
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“Really close if you grab a taxi no more than $3 per ride. Emblematic cultural place and incredible architecture.”
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“Best place to look around the city's history from ancient cultures of Quito through the colonialization of our city and the freedom that got us to be a republic. Personal opinion: favorite museum!”
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“The local movie theatre, they have a range of eclectic films showing something different each night. Also has a cafe/bar for snacks and drinks.”
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“The national ecuadorian soccer team plays here. Copa Libertadores is also very famous, a southamerican soccer club tounament considered to be the second best in the world after the european Champions League.”
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History Museum
“Great Pre Columbian art in a century old house with beautiful architecture.”
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Science Museum
“ Very interesting and funny to go with your kinds. They can make giant bubbles. Great views. ”
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“Antiguo Hospital Militar que lo restauraron para convertirlo en el centro de arte Contemporáneo Renovated military hospital, turned into a contemporary Museum. ”
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Comedy Club
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“The ambiance is super amazing, fun, fun delicious and the shows are just one of the best around the area”
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Salsa Club
“go and watch.. or dance some salsa and bachata! - if you go.. take me with you?!”
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Italienisches Restaurant
“Its so good chef comes to your table, customize your order .. omg its great!”
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“música alternativa frecuentemente realizan conciertos de música punk, electrónica, reggae / alternative music usually offers punk, electrónica, reggae concerts with local bands ”
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“They serve good craft beer, pizza is good, and sometimes they have shows in a hidden auditorium. The place itself is small though.”
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Malerischer Ausblick
“No matter if it a sunny day, a misty morning or afternoon or a late night, the views from here over the valley, with in the background the only snow-caped volcano on the Equator, this is a popular pot for taking photos or just sit and enjoy the views”
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