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Grundausstattung in Queenstown

Health & Beauty Service
“5 mile frankton has everything from groceries pharmacy's dry cleaning and sports shops”
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“Located near the Airport in the Remarkables Park shopping centre. Ample parking and a clean, fresh shopping environment.”
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“Our nearest supermarket, Pak'n'Save has everything you need to make epic picnics or an easy breakfast, along with specialist items. ”
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“located at 5 Mile shopping centre - easy access and parking for everything you might need.”
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“This is the closest supermarket to Thompson Street and is right in town so easy to pick up a forgotten item and Henry's the bottle shop next store has a great selection of beer, wine and spirits.”
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“Amazing local fruit, veg and artisan supplies. Everything you'll need for self catering. Amazing cafe and deli / butchery too.”
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“If you need a doctor's appointment, you need to call first. If there are no appointments, you can wait at their Walk-In Clinic until you are called, depending on the urgency of your case. There is a pharmacy upstairs.”
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“Remember we try to be plastic free so make sure you take your own bag or ask the shop for one of their 'boomerang' bags. They will lend you a material bag that has been made by a local and your 'boomerang' bring it back to the shop. Secret: the pies they sell are AMAZING!”
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“If you need anything from Shampoo to bandaids or medication, vitamins- this Pharmacy has it all.”
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Gas Station
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“ If you need to call and book an appointment please phone 03 442 7188. For a medical emergency and an abulance please phone 111”
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“For medical emergencies or after-hours care, go straight to Lakes District Hospital.”
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“This is the nearest and best Doctor in the Queenstown area. If you are sick or injured after hours, visit Queenstown Lakes District Hospital instead.”
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