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Top-Empfehlungen von Einheimischen für Museen

“Huge exhibition with more than 2500 models! Favorite characters and world-know sights, do not skip it! :)”
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History Museum
“The Old Town City Hall with its amazing and very famous astronomical clock.”
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History Museum
“BEER. It is a drink which Czechs are famous:) Here you can experience the production of Czech beer, learn the history, soak up the scent of hops, and give you the opportunity to taste various kinds of special Czech beers.”
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“The National Museum (Národní Muzeum) in Prague is set in a commanding position at the top of Wenceslas Square.”
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“The newest and largest synagogue of the Jewish community in Prague is an interesting example of Art Nouveau melded with Moorish style. Its interior is richly painted in Art Nouveau style”
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“The model is made of the regions of the Czech Republic which we are going to extend by other areas in the future. Already now the model takes up more than 459 m2 and thus is the biggest railway model layout in Central Europe.”
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“9 mins walk/ observatories and planetariums are not the same thing! At an observatory, you can view the actual sky with the help of a telescope. At a planetarium, stars are projected onto the ceiling above the viewers. The Prague Planetarium, with a 23 m high projection dome with a surface are of 843 m2, is one of the largest in the world. The integrated opto-mechanical and digital systems can create a perfect illusion of outer space.”
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“In the heart of Old Town of Prague, you find yourself meeting modern technology. Apple Museum is an interesting option for anyone who is passionate about IT and design. A very nice curated space respecting the apple brand colors, style and high quality. Family friendly too! Don't forget to stop by the bar to get a delicious smoothie! www.applemuseum.com”
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“The earliest example of Cubist architecture in Prague. It houses a statue of the black Madonna. A treasured artifact.”
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“Great view of the city right in the city center. The tower is on the right side of the Charles Bridge. ”
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“Have you ever tried a real Absinth? Here you can taste about 100 absinthes and see over 250 different bottles of this premium alcohol from all over the world. Jilská 7, 110 00 Staré Město”
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“Der Marienwallfahrtsort mit einer Kopie der Heiligen Hütte und der Barockkirche Christi Geburt ist von einem Kreuzgang und Kapellen umgeben. Im Turm befindet sich ein Glockenspiel aus 27 Loreto-Glocken, die das Marienlied „Gegrüßt seist du tausendmal, oh Maria“ spielen (jede volle Stunde 9 – 18 h). Wertvoll ist der sogenannte Loreto-Schatz, eine Sammlung an Gottesdienstgegenständen aus dem 16. – 18. Jahrhundert, von denen die Diamant-Monstranz, die mit 6.222 Diamanten verziert ist, am berühmtesten ist. Prager Loreto (Tramhaltestelle "Pohořelec") erreichen Sie bequem mit der direkten Tram Nummer 22, die vor dem Wohnhaus hält.”
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“Founded in 1885, the Prague Museum of Decorative Arts is housed in a Neo-Renaissance edifice built from 1897 to 1899 after the designs of architect Josef Schulz. ”
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Candy Store
“There are many unique shops around Prague and especially on Malá Strana. Two shops come up in my mind instantly, the Gingerbread Museum in Nerudova is one of them. It also has a store, where you can go wild and get the most beautiful and refined decorative gingerbreads you've ever seen. It makes great presents to take home to your friends and family. It is especially interesting during the Holiday season. The Czechs love Christmas and everything that comes with it. ”
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“The Invisible Exhibition in Prague is a unique interactive journey to an invisible world, where in total darkness you find your way out only by touch, sounds and scent. Give us your blind trust! :)”
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“Urban museum since 2008 exploring the history of chocolate, with guided tours, tastings & workshops”
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