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Die besten Parks in Portland

“Forest Park is over 8 miles of trails surrounded by the trees. It is in NW Portland, only about a 30-minute drive. It is a very special hiking experience. ”
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“Newly renovated; check the schedule of activities so you can plan accordingly.”
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Botanical Garden
“Located in Washington Park, thousand of roses to enjoy. View of the city from one of the terraces.”
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“One our favorite parks to visit, an extinct volcano and Portland's drinking reservoirs. Great trails, fun playground, awesome views of downtown Portland and surrounding area.”
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“One of the best spots to be on a sunny day in Portland! Laurelhurst Park is a 27-acre park acquired in 1909 from the estate of former Portland mayor William S. Ladd.”
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“An authentic Ming Dynasty style garden, built by Suzhou artisans, that takes up an entire block of the city’s historic Chinatown district. Since the garden’s opening in 2000, its covered walkways, bridges, open colonnades, pavilions and richly planted landscape framing the Zither Lake have created an urban oasis of tranquil beauty and harmony.”
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“The focal feature at Peninsula Park is The Rose Garden, a gorgeous display of Portland's official flower, which is meticulously maintained by Portland's Master Gardners and is frequently the site of professional photographer sittings and arts events. The entire park is a equally pleasant with large trees, wide curving walks, large open spaces, and a classic 1930's swimming pool cabana.”
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“Yearly Jazz festival in mid- July. A must visit for Jazz enthusiasts. Stay at the Croft and walk over to hear the music. ”
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Theme Park
“A iconic amusement park and roller skating is always a super fun family activity. All Portlanders remember spending time here as a kid, so treat yourself and your kids to a memorable time. ”
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“Go out the front door and head south past the Steel Bridge to enjoy jogging, walking, biking, skateboarding, fountain play, lunching, basketball, fireworks viewing, Segwaying, boat watching, sunrises and sunsets. Due to its recreational use, lunch hours are peak-use hours for the waterfront park. In addition to recreational use, the park is also highly used by bike and pedestrian commuters during rush hours because the park is easily accessible to the downtown Portland workforce and provides a pleasant, off street thoroughfare away from vehicular traffic. It is currently home to the Waterfront Blues Festival, Oregon Brewers Festival, Gay/Lesbian Pride Festival and the Bite of Oregon.”
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“Wonderful place to walk, the botanical garden is located in southeast Portland (SE28th and Bybee Blvd). The garden, covers 9.49 acres, is named for the numerous springs within the garden. ”
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“Challenging to hike here since it's uphill, they have a nice parking lot. Breath taking views, this is the spot to watch stars, eclipse, and other sky stuff.”
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“The Grotto is a Catholic shrine and botanical gardens. It’s a spiritual place and somewhat of a retreat. It’s located in NE Skidmore street. You can learn more about them here.”
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“Great place to go for a run, take the kids out, and just enjoy rain or shine. ”
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“This is a great place to relax and enjoy the view, you can see all of Portland from up here!”
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