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Best things to do in Plovdiv

Historische Stätte
“The Ancient Roman Theatre of Philippopolis is among the best preserved ancient theaters in the world. His exquisite beauty will enchant you and it will take you back in time of Emperor Trajan at the beginning of II century. With its 28 concentric rows of seats, intereting inscriptions and wonderful statues, it attracts every eye and carries the spirit of ancient Rome. Thanks to the specific architecture of the theater, the acoustic is unique – imagine what spectacular performances, games and events have taken place there!”
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“Located in the heart of Kapana District, Pavaj became a favorite gastro nook of the citizens of Plovdiv and the guests of the city. The restaurant’s secret is in using only fresh produce. There is no freezer in the kitchen. 6-7 hours are spent shopping every day. Kneading and baking the bread, by grandma’s recipe, takes two hours every morning. The meat and fish are also selected in specialized stores and the vegetables are from the owners’ personal garden, located 20 km outside of Plovdiv.”
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“Very nicely landscaped with pretty walking trails and lots of different fountains. Many benches for sitting and relaxing, and lots of shade for hot summer months.”
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“Building is nice , with cinema , gym at top floor together with restaurants and Cafe. A good variety of clothing and shoe stores. Supermarket on the ground floor. Everything under one building.”
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“Located just 10min walking distance from my flat, Kapana is the District of Plovdiv which keeps rising. It is remarkable and highly artistic. You will have probably need to make a stop in each coffee, restaurant and bar of the District but keep calm, it’s normal ! Remember you that Kapana in Bulgarian means a “Trap”, a very nice trap, the kind of we would like to have every day and residents or regulars are so cool. Therefore do not deprive you of anything. Tiny buildings are colourfully painted and full of life with people smiling everywhere in the street, in their craftshop or on the terraces of restaurants or cafe.”
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“The complex has been formed as a result of the long sequence of habitation from prehistoric times to present day and combines the culture and architecture from Antiquity, Middle Ages and Bulgarian revival. The old town in Plovdiv is included in UNESCO World Heritage tentative list since 2004.”
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“These are two of the city's biggest attractions that I recommend everyone to visit . Also the trap in the city center 7 popped the rocky canal and the singing fountains .”
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“Great place to shop around for gifts, pharmacy on the ground floor is surprisingly well stocked, plenty of food options and a comfy movie theatre”
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“If you get tired of the city’s noise and crowds, you can do some sports or just take a walk at the rowing canal. This is a unique sports complex, the only one not only in Bulgaria but on the Balkans, too, where annual rowing, tennis, football and other sports competitions are organized. Look below the bridge and you will see the huge catfish swimming in the canal. The place is particularly nice at dusk when you can watch the sun go down and welcome the night in the wonderful garden of Grebetsa restaurant. ”
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“7 minutes away from the loft, on a quiet street near the Roman Odeon. The place for dining, a glass of good wine (extensive wine list).Often you can enjoy discrete piano music live. For the regular Bulgarian is rather expensive than other local restaurants. ”
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History Museum
“Plovdiv Regional Ethnographic museum is the second largest specialized museum of this type in Bulgaria.”
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Point of Interest
“The unusual singing (musical) fountain on the lake in the lovely Tsar Simeon garden is a frequent meeting place for locals. You can watch the colourful light display accompanied by classical music during the summer months every evening from 21:00. ”
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“Art, funky cool and chilled bar in centre of Kapana District, open throughout the day and suitable for any occassion.”
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Andere tolle Restaurants mit Sitzmöglichkeiten im Freien
“This is one of the seven hills without which Plovdiv would not be so unique. It has a monument of a famous Russian soldier on the top. It is a small hike to get there but the trails are very quiet, relaxing and a great place to walk around. Most of the other hills also have trails which you can explore. Most of them feel like you are in a forest rather than a city so if you are into nature and wilderness it is a must for you to visit at least a couple of them. ”
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Mediterranes Restaurant
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“The religious temple has repeatedly raised disputes and clashes between citizens, but nevertheless, the building is still one of the most interesting architectural phenomens in the history of the cityPerhaps one of the most controversial landmarks of Plovdiv is the Dzhumaya Mosque. The religious temple has repeatedly raised disputes and clashes between citizens, but nevertheless, the building is still one of the most interesting architectural phenomens in the history of the city. Located in the center of the city, at the foot of Taksim Tepe, right on the border between the district street and the Kapana. You could say that the Dzhumaya separates the main street in two parts. Near the Ottoman monument is the Roman Stadium. This combination of Hellenic and Eastern culture raises many questions and gives a curious character of the structure of the city.”
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