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Parks und Natur in Pittsburgh

Erstklassige Parks

Botanical Garden
“Phipps is a wonderful place to feel like you’re getting out of the city. It has rooms filled with beautiful plants and installations and smells amazing! If you visit from May-September you can catch real butterflies flying around. FYI...the walkways can be a bit narrow but it is wheelchair accessible.”
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“Many hiking trails available (Blue Slide Park). Any of the Frick Parks. Check out the new Frick Park Environmental/Nature Center.”
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“ Schenley Park also has hiking trails, as well as a municipal pool. Check out Schenley Overlook as well. There is the Oval, where you can go for a walk/jog.”
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State / Provincial Park
“Point State Park is a beautiful place to walk around and see the city views. The fountain is a wonderful place to take pictures and hang out.”
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“Frick Park is the largest municipal park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, covering 644 acres. It is one of Pittsburgh's four historic large parks. Known as Pittsburgh’s woodland park for its extensive trails throughout steep valleys and wooded slopes, Frick Park is an ideal escape from the noise of the city. Birding enthusiasts love to visit Clayton Hill, where well over 100 species of birds have been recorded. Children flock to the famous Blue Slide Playground and learn about nature at the Frick Environmental Center. The park also features red clay tennis courts, baseball fields, and the only public lawn bowling green in Pennsylvania.”
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“I know what you are thinking a cemetery? Why would I go there? Simple it is awesome! There are deer, foxes, and bunnies that roam free. There are historical grave sites and Lester Madden's grave that is a very interesting shape. They also have events there from time to time.”
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“This lookout view of Downtown faces straight to Point State Park. There have been many weddings here, and a perfect spot to enjoy fireworks.”
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“Emerald View Park is a large municipal park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It encircles the neighborhoods of Mt. Washington, Duquesne Heights and Allentown and offers scenic views of the city that draw more than 1 million visitors annually. The park, officially created on Earth Day 2007, is 280 acres”
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“It doesn't matter how old you are, everyone loves the Blue Slide Park! It's fun to spectate even if you're not riding. If you feel up to it, grab a piece of cardboard, get in line, and take your turn - get there quick because that line gets long! :)”
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“Running trails, open fields, woods - Frick Park is a great park for hikes, mountain biking, and more”
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“If you want to see the city from the river trail - rent a bike (located at the kiosk on the corner of 22nd and E. Carson Street), and head down to the trail entrance below 18th and Wharton Streets. or another trail entrance at Hot Metal Street.”
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Bike Trail
“Biking, jogging, and strolling all along the river and if you are ambitious the trail will take you all the way to Washington DC”
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