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Was du in Province of Perugia unternehmen kannst

Entdecke die Stadt aus der Perspektive von Einheimischen. Entdecke die schönsten Dinge, die man unternehmen kann, sowie die besten Restaurants, und erhalte unbezahlbare Ratschläge von den Menschen, die hier leben.

Point of Interest
“Die größten Höhlen die es vielleicht in ganz Europa und der Welt gibt. Beim ersten Anblick ist jeder überwältigt, ein absolutes Muss wenn man in der Nähe ist. Tipp: warme Jacke mitnehmen.”
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Natural Feature
“den ganzen Sommer lang sind Festivals und Musik-/Theaterveranstaltungen entlang des Trasimenosees. Tagsüber Rad, Vespa oder Boote mieten oder wer kann, sich auf dem Rücken der Pferde die Gegend erkunden - hier darf man noch fast überall reiten.”
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Natural Feature
“ Casa Vasalone liegt ca. 100 Höhenmeter oberhalb des Sees; der Fußweg zum Strand beträgt gut 50 min, der Fahrweg mit dem PKW 10 min. Baden ist möglich von Mai/Juni bis Oktober, das Wasser hat eine sehr gute Qualität. Es gibt sehr schöne, auch gut für Kinder geeignete Strände.”
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“The Sibillini National Park is such a peaceful place. Here you can walk all day and hardly see another person. There are many levels of walks to suit all abilities. Some of our favourites include the Gola della Infernaccio, Lama Rosa, the Dogana Loop and Ragnolo/ Madellana, Please ask to borrow our hiking book.”
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“This is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The basilica, which was began in 1228, is built into the side of a hill and comprises two churches (known as the Upper Church and the Lower Church) and a crypt, where the remains of Saint Francis have been housed. ”
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“from Camp Joy Village is 10 km - The Dome of Orvieto is one of the most beautiful Italian cathedral, a masterpiece of the gothic architecture of the center of Italy. The magnificent building dominates the bluff up which Orvieto is located thanks to its size. The Dome has been built for three centuries by the work of dozens of experts and artists. In particular, the splendour of its facade is known all over the word, with its towers that reach a height of about 53 meters. Do not to forget the interior of the Dome, with wonderful decorations and frescoes made by some of the most great painters of the past, among which the famous Giudizio Universale of Luca Signorelli. Let's go to discover the history and the treasures of the Dome of Orvieto, a real symbol of the city.”
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“Eine der sterbenden Städten - beeindruckendes Dorf und Landschaft rundherum!”
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“Impressive caverns, among the largest in Europe in a beatiful gorge and natural park. Visit the caves, see the Romanesque church and Roman bridge, modern thermal facility, take scenic trekking trails.”
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“deliziosa località sospesa tra passato e presente, il bel ponte raggiungibile a piedi con la salita finale ci porta direttamente sulla rupe dell'antica Civitas, biglietto d'ingresso (dalle 8:00 alle 20:00) poi l'ingresso è libero salvo eventi speciali: – dal 1° Aprile al 31 Ottobre € 5.00 – dal 1°Novembre al 31 Marzo . € 3.00 dal lunedì al venerdì, . € 5.00 sabato, domenica, festivi e prefestivi.”
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“360° panoramic view over the region! Do you need more explanation? No? Well I'm going to give you some anyway! I recommend to combine it with visiting Assisi. This is the tour I suggest to our guests: Santa Maria degli Angeli: la porziuncola in the basilica. Assisi: Basilica San Francesco and Santa Chiara Rocca maggiore, Eremo delle Carcere (outside Assisi towards Parco del Monte Subasio), Parco monte Subasio, Collepino, Spello... It's a full day but it's one of my favorite tours because you have some culture, some nature and time for a Prosecco!”
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“This unique kind of underground city is the most evident testimony of the Church domination in Perugia. The place is almost somehow surreal, and since the 80's hosts an escalator system that connects the lower and higher part of the city centre.”
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“The main Museum in Perugia located in the wonderful Palazzo dei Priori, building that also hosts the local municipality. There you can eyewitness the evolution of works of art ranging from 1200 to 1800, including those of the two most appreciated Umbrian artists of all time: Perugino e Pinturicchio.”
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Administrative Area Level 3
“ The Tower Bridge , 230 m long , symbol of the city : it was the most spectacular part of the aqueduct of Cortaccione of Roman origin . It is considered a Roman - Lombard building according to some , late medieval according to others , unique in its height of 82 m . The monument is covered by a delicate operation monitoring of the stress state of the walls . It is considered an anomaly at the time of its construction : in fact , rarely in the same era were built civil use of such grandeur . The work is celebrated by Goethe in his Italienische Reise . The place has become infamous in time for the occurrence of some incidents of suicide [ 5 ] . Extreme towards Monteluco is the small Mill Fortress , turreted building that for centuries has played a supervisory role on the bridge .”
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“The mountain stands behind Villa R&R and stands 1290 mars above sea level. Its pink coloured stones were used for many Franciscan buildings at the World Heritage site of Assisi. The area is included in the natural Parco del Subasio with many walking trails.”
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“The highlight of Assisi, with the tomb of St. Francis and beautiful frescoes by old masters such as Giotto and Cimabue (14th cent.), but the whole town is beautiful and very picturesque, much to see ”
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“Weltberühmt sind die Freskenmalereien des Malers Giotto in der Basilika di San Francesco.”
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