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Best things to do in Pattaya City

“Central Festival is the largest beachfront shopping center in Asia, its a must see if youre on the hunt for upper end items and brands as they have everything from high end brands to foodcourts and to a cinema. This is one of the hangout spots for alot of tourists and locals when in Pattaya.”
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“Hier ist die weltbekannte Walking Street von Pattaya mit Ihren hunderten von Bar's und Restaurant's”
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Point of Interest
“irgendwie ist es für mich auch eine Art Freilichtmuseum. Man sieht hier die asiatische Holz-Schnitzkunst und was man aus daraus machen kann.”
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Water Park
“Das kleine Disneyland von Pattaya. Wenige Kilometer von unserer Villa. Leider nicht ganz billig.”
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Floating Market
“Der schwimmende Thai Markt mit ganz viel Thailand. Nur wenige Taximinuten von der Villa entfernt.”
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“Grosses Restaurant mit Bar auf einem parkähnlichem Gelände mit einzigartigem Blick aufs Meer. Perfekt am späten Nachmittag um den Sonnenuntergang zu erleben oder um den Abend beim Essen oder bei ein paar Drinks zu beginnen und danach z.B. in die nicht weit entfernte Walking Street ins Nachtleben... Einzigartige Lage in Pattaya auf dem Pratumnak Hügel!”
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“It is the best show in Pattaya Thailand. Very spectacular. Costumes, set, music, sound quality all just extremely perfect. Artist are too talented and beautiful. ”
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Night Market
“Total party place - there's a handout place for every taste. from cheap places to high end - this place has got it all. There's live music and good deals on drinks with some really nice music.”
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“t in Paradise takes the traditional assumptions of what an art gallery should be and completely ignores them. Instead, the art is brought to life and the visitors can become part of it through the use of optical illusions and playing with perspective. Stand in the right position and take a picture from the right angle – all of which are clearly marked out for you – and it looks like you are flying a magic carpet in the desert, crossing a rickety bridge in the jungle, swimming with dolphins in the ocean or putting the finishing touches to famous masterpieces.”
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“Popular beachfront restaurant. Great place to stop for a scenic lunch on the way before checking-in at our villa. Great ambience with beautiful views of the sea. Meals can be on the expensive side though. ”
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“Underwater World is a great way to see the remarkable sea life which resides in the waters around Pattaya, particularly if you are not a scuba diver (and even if you are and aren’t keen on Pattaya’s less-than-ideal underwater visibility). The 100-metre acrylic tunnel gives a unique perspective on more than 200 species of water-dwellers, including sharks, stingrays, sea otters and turtles. The live feeding shows are particularly popular, as is the option to don a wetsuit and swim with the residents or get a feel for them in the touch pool.”
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“Tiffany's Show is one of the world's most famous transvestie cabaret show with more than 2000 people every night enjoying or spectacular performances.”
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“Brunos is one of our top 3 fine dining restaurants that we visit when coming to Pattaya, there are not many fine dining places that compare to what we have in Bangkok but we have always been happy here at Brunos. This trip we tried the roasted suckling pig between the two of us and yes it did not disappoint. The daytime manager remembers exactly what we like (drinks etc) and he takes care of us. They make excellent Spritz Veneziano (Aperol Spritz) I highly recommend Brunos.”
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“Mini Siam in Pattaya is where you can take a glimpse of famous attractions around the world in a limited time, offering replicas of sacred places and important historical sites in Thailand at a scale of 1 to 25. Such outstanding architectural works are, for example, the Temple of the emerald Buddha, Democracy Monument, Anantasamakom Throne Hall, Wat Phra Srisanpet, Bridge over the River Kwai, Prasat Hin Phimai and etc.”
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Buddhist Temple
“The Big Buddha Temple is one of the most suitable places to pay homage to the Buddha's blessing. And has a beautiful viewpoint in Pattaya Including near the other places of travel, the place is Khao Sato 5”
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Point of Interest
“This colourful recreation of the French city of Colmar is almost impossible not to notice as you drive along Sukhumvit Road. Amongst the recreation Renaissance-era buildings, the windmill, the canals and the musical water fountain are more than 300 shops selling a selection of souvenirs, clothing, jewellery and Thai handicrafts. There is also a 45-minute family-friendly cabaret show around the fountain, street performances throughout the day and a small collection of rides and attractions in the Funland Amusement Park, making for a great day out for the entire family.”
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