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Best things to do in Panama

“The old part of Panama city with beautiful buildings from the Spanish time. Het oude gedeelte van Panama met historische panden vanuit de Spaanse tijd Der alte Teil von Panama mit historischen Gebäuden aus der spanischen Zeit”
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“A great mall with almost anything you would want or expect. Excellent shops, varied food options, a cinema with VIP screens, a supermarket, all in air conditioned comfort. The mall doesn't open until 10am, but some of the cafes are open earlier than this.”
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“This is one of the major reasons travelers visit Panama to view one of the 7 wonders of the World.”
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“This is the biggest and craziest mall in the world... I wouldn't recommend it to anybody, but you can get everything you want over there on pretty cheap price. If you are looking for a little bit chiller and slightly more elegant option go to Multiplaza...”
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“A museum focused on the natural history of Panama, whose isthmus was formed very recently in geologic time, with major impact on the ecology of the Western Hemisphere. It was designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry. ”
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Historische Stätte
“This is the archaeological site where the first Panama settlement was established. There is a museum and souvenirs shop.”
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“Live Music always on Tuesday! Excellent Live Music Acts for you and your friends. ”
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“When you need to walk in peace and have a close encounter with nature this is one of the places to go.”
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Malerischer Ausblick
“Great spot to walk and to enjoy the sun in the most modern part of the city”
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“The mall is less than a block away. It has bars, movie theatre, casino, the Hard Rock hotel right next to it, the Megapolis Convention Center on top and stores. ”
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“This is a fun place. Breakfasts provided. One evening is a social evening, to which many attend. One evening is Trivia night. One morning is a market for everyone who has or makes merchandise.”
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“This is a great tour allowing you to see first hand our local animals and giving you information on all, highly recommend.”
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“The street between the islands in the Causeway was constructed with the land extracted in the construction of the Panama Canal”
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“If you want to shop where Panamanians shop, this is the place. Might be a little bit expensive at times. ”
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“These are the ruins from Panama's first city. It is a historic preservation site with a remarkable view of the coastal belt (Costa Cintera) and the city. It also boasts a fantastic museum that provides a lot of historic information about Panamanian culture. ”
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“It had grocery stores, clothing stores, restaurants and more, all in one place!”
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