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Best things to do in Panama

Lateinamerikanisches Restaurant
“Because is quite simply the best to enjoy the sunset or dinner. The location, the vibe, the service, the art, the decor, everything about it is high end. Is on the pricier side of the spectrum but is worth it and its certainly affordable. lots of vegetation inside which the sloths LOVE so there's always a few hanging around. Is my go-to in puerto viejo at night.”
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“A well known stop to many travelers with what some will consider the best paellas in Panama. Quite an extensive menu to choose from. Fun dessert with crepe/ice cream/fire!”
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Andere tolle Restaurants mit Sitzmöglichkeiten im Freien
“Wide pedestrian corridor with sea side to side to go walking at sunset and enjoy the wind and sound of palm trees.”
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“This is a beautiful area worth a visit. Take a daytrip and explore the park and the trail, preferable hiding a guide to get most out of it. You can also enjoy the lovely beaches of Manzanillo”
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“There are a variety of options for watching sports games, outdoor terraces, and shopping. The Hardrock hotel has a fantastic rooftop terrace as well.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Highly recommend Riba Smith. My favorite place to get my groceries. A bit further away but the price and quality are the best. ”
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“Nice place to chill out and take a walk through the park. It also has a running track for exercising.”
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“You cant come to Panama and not check the Miraflores locks. There is a good restaurant to eat there too.”
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“One of the good places for breakfast. All specials and regular meals between 4,50 and 6 Dollars, including a fresh big cup of coffee. Their coffee and baked goods are very good and the stuff friendly.”
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Boot oder Fähre
“To have a closer look of how the Panama Canal works and watch the ships crossing through. ”
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Natural Feature
“National Marine Park. Take a day-tour to Islas Zapatilla on a day when weather is clear and waves are not choppy. The tour takes you first to Dolphin Bay, then to Cayo Coral for snorkeling and a restaurant over the water, then it goes to Islas Zapatilla, which is a marine reserve. No hotels, restaurants or bars are on this island. Pristine and pure. Pick up your trash and take it with you! Avoid single-use plastic to save our precious marine life.”
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History Museum
“Located in the main square at Casco Antiguo, this is the biggest and best museum about the Panama Canal. Highly recommended.”
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“Local "gringo" watering hole and good BBQ and Tuna steaks. Live music twice a week and expat crowd.”
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“The most luxury mall in the Panama City where you can buy anything you need. ”
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“Excelente comida, Recomendamos las pizza de salmón con camarones y la pasta llamada The Beatles”
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Bus Station
“Limpio, con mucha grama, arboles y pajaritos :) Muy bueno para caminar. Hay aparatos para hacer fuerza y dan clases gratuitas de baile. Me fusaron mucho los jugos verdes que venden en el parque :) Los venden en unas tiendas cerca del estacionamiento.”
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