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Die besten Geschäfte in Okinawa

Duty-free Shop
“-T Galleria by DFS A duty free shop directly connected to Okinawa Yui Rail's Omoromachi Station. There are about 130 world famous brands available here. Besides brand items, you can also find a wide variety of souvenir shops and delicious restaurants as well! ”
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Thrift / Vintage Store
“A lot of vintage and used clothes, toys and other neat things. Very loud and fun place.”
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Dive Shop
“都屋漁港内に位置するダイビングショップ。 ジンベエザメグラスボート/ジンベエシュノーケル/ジンベエダイビング ホエールウォッチング(1~3月限定) A diving shop located in Toya Fishing Port. Whale Shark Boat / Snorkel / Diving Whale watching (Jan-Mar)”
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Jewelry Store
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Fishing Store
“つり道具や餌を買うなら、ここです。 If you want to enjoy fishing. this is the fishing gear & bait shop. ”
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“沖縄の新鮮なお魚料理といえばここ。 魚屋さんの営む食堂居酒屋ならではのメニューです。 You can enjoy fresh Japanese seafood here. ”
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Sporting Goods Shop