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Best things to do in Oaxaca

Hot Spring
“Hierve el Agua (Spanish for "the water boils") is a set of natural rock formations in the Mexican state of Oaxaca that resemble cascades of water. The site is located about 70 km east of Oaxaca city, past Mitla”
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“La más bella zona del Centro Histórico , además un Museo fabuloso al lado del Templo y el Jardín Ernobotánico atrás de éstos. The nicest area of downtown area, this gorgeous church is imponent, besides its museum and the Etnobotanic Garden at the back”
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“This indoor food market takes up a whole city block and is the place to go eat and shop with the locals. Look for the comedor "Sarita" with an orange awning: this is where you can find the BEST mole negro in Oaxaca. Also tamales, chile rellenos and traditional hot chocolate. Sarita is a multi-generation family run food stand, and my adopted grandmother in Oaxaca. :) Enjoy the home cooking! They have two stands in the market, so if the counter is full, have them point you to their space with the giant tile-covered table - this is where I always bring groups to eat in the market. ”
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“Oaxaca's botanical garden is available by tour only. At the entrance you'll find a listing of guided tours available in English, Spanish and other languages. Bring a bottle of water and wear a hat and/or sunscreen. The tour lasts a couple of hours and is one of the most highly rated activities in Oaxaca, if you are into learning about local flora and fauna.”
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“Hard to pick a category for the Zocalo in Oaxaca! Restaurants, shopping, relaxing, music, dancing, pretty much the place to start any trip to Oaxaca! ”
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Mexikanisches Restaurant
“Reserve a table on the terrace for a magical and romantic dinner. Casa Oaxaca is a foodie destination, ranked in the top 50 restaurants in Latin America, and #1 in all of Mexico in 2015.”
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Mexikanisches Restaurant
“An obligatory destination in Oaxaca to discover the Mexican gastronomical treasures within an exceptional space in which tradition and contemporary Mexico find each other.”
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“El Llano is an iconic park of Oaxaca. you can walk there. seat for a while and talk. This is a park you have to visit in Oaxaca. And you can be there in 10 minutes or less walking from the studios. ”
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Historische Stätte
“*I suggest visit at morning and use a hat, is a must ! ** Recomiendo visitar por la mañana y usa bloqueador solar. ”
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Natural Feature
“Con mis de 2 mil años de vida y el más ancho del mundo , este árbol fenómeno es un punto de interés cercano a la ciudad que gusta a toda la familia, pasear bajo su sombra y sentir su maravillosa energía no tiene comparación! Además hay comida típica y mercado artesanal ( Restaurante El Milenario es una buena opción) . With more than 2 thousand years old and the thickest in the world , this magnificent tree is an opportunity to feel the nature very close to the city , besides that you can shop ( handcrafts ) and eat typical food ( Restaurant El Milenario is a good option )”
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“Museo Textil de Oaxaca is free to enter and full of textile history, collections and culture. Oaxaca is famous for it's beautiful textiles and the exhibitions are always beautifully curated. On the way out there is a little shop where you can buy high quality local textiles. This is an easy option to get your hands on a great souvenir if you don't have the time for a Textile tour to local towns”
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“Here you can find food and handicrafts. We recommend you to look for Casilda, traditional fruit water. Here you can also find "chapulines" if you are interested in exotic traditional food. ”
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“**Pet friendly -My favorite Shakshuka for the breakfast and the pizza after 2 pm. -My desayuno favorito es Shakshuka y la pizza después de 2 pm.”
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“Great fire oven cooked pizzas. Favorite is Flavios Special, full bar and drink options, Best value is the Long beach iced tea. opens at 7 PM. Winter months need to make reservations.. otherwise its a long wait.. ”
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“Swim at night in the Bioluminescent waters, kayak, horse riding and hot springs among many other activities to do in this area.”
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“*You could find bar and some diferent space and kind of music, my favorite Carta Blanca beer *Puedes encontrar una barra y diferentes ambientes con diferentes tipos de música., y venden Carta Blanca !”
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