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Parkplätze in Nizza

“This one is a must for people traveling with kids. The kids will enjoy playing in the fountain and the playground.”
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“If you are after specialty oyster place, this is a restaurant of your choice.”
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“My favorite place for a brunch or for some pastries in Nice. My favorite cake there is the Paris-Nice, give it a try ;)”
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“Avec son miroir d'eau et sa superbe coulée verte. # With its reflecting pool and beautiful green corridor.”
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Italienisches Restaurant
“Fait maison et toujours frais ; desserts XXL qu'on oublie pas et très grande terrasse agréable sur la piétonne / Homemade and always fresh; XXL desserts that we forget and very nice terrace on the pedestrian.”
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“Grande avenue où passe le tramway et vous trouverez tous les magasins de vêtements que vous pourrez souhaitez / Great avenue where the tram passes and you will find all the clothing stores that you may wish.”
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“Vous y trouverez le célèbre restaurent LE CAFÉ DE TURIN pour y déguster de bon plateau de fruits de mer et bien sur vous y trouverez de multiples restaurants sous ses arcades. # You will find the famous restaurant LE CAFÉ DE TURIN to taste good seafood platter and of course you will find many restaurants under its arcades.”
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Hafen / Marina
“• The very beautiful nice port to visit at any price • Le trés beau port de nice à visiter à tout prix”
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Italienisches Restaurant
“As a restaurant in Nice, I recommend La Voglia. The sizes of the portions are insane. I can almost bet you won't finish your dish, and this for a normal, affordable price. Watch out, you can't book this place, and there are always waiting lines at peak times.”
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“Great bar open until 2am, a lot of people go there to have drink and dance on the tables ( better to get there around 11pm).”
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Hafen / Marina
“Nightlife in Cagnes-Sur-Mer. There are nice seafront restaurants, especially in the Cros-De-Gagnes area. Fne dining restaurants you can find from Haute de Cagnes. In addition, there are small eateries and drink bars in the Sain-Laurent-du-Var port in summer. The city is not an ideal place for clubbing, but you can find the nightlife from Port de Saint-Laurent-Du-Var (you vcan ask and Uber / taxi drivers). Also remember that the nightlife in Nice and in Antibes is close by.”
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“The Nice Opera is a municipal lyric theater located in Old Nice. It is managed by the city of Nice in direct municipal management and has 1,083 places”
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“June 12: Poland/ Ireland - June 17: Spain/Turkey - June 22, Belgium/Sweden - July 15: RIHANNA Concert”
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“45/47 PROMENADE DES ANGLAIS - NICE +33 7 81 88 42 04 The huge night club to go ! 3 rooms, fooding, a place to smoke, valet. ”
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“In the heart of Old Nice, Place Rossetti is one of the only airy spots in the old town. Completely pedestrian, it is discovered during the visit of the historical districts. Occupied by many terraces of typical restaurants, cafés and especially that of the biggest glacier of Nice, "Fenocchio", it is the ideal place for a greedy stopover. You can not leave Nice without having tasted one of its incredible perfumes among which one can quote the ice cream to the kinder, the rose, the tomato-basil or the beer.”
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“The is a Russian Orthodox Cathedral north of the apartment within walking distance. Its architecture is like that of St Basil's Cathedral in Red Square. The recently renovated it and now you cannot take photos inside. It's off the beaten path, but worth seeing!”
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