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Top recommendations from locals

“Ideal location to purchase consumables for your stay. It has ALL items you will need in the kitchen, drinks & other household amenities. Within 1km from the residence.”
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“Find Makkin Gourmet Shop for your favourite wines, spirits, spices, Olive oils, teas etc”
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“10 minutes drive or 30 minutes walk from our location. Set in an amazing forest right where the Institute of Primate Research is based. Stunning views.”
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“Acquires, preserves and offers consultative records management services to the public as well as private records as part of the national documentary heritage.”
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“Karen Blixen Museum was formerly home to the author Karen Blixen, who wrote Out of Africa, before it was gifted to the Kenyan government by the Danish. Situated at the foothills of Ngong Hills, the museum is now a must visit as you travel to Nairobi. A tour to the Karen Blixen Museum is characterised by going through the life plus possesions of Karen and her family and thereafter getting souverniors from the home. Karen Blixen Museum is also a perfect place for photoshootsn and garden weddings.”
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“Great ambience to interact with icons and celebrities in the Country from diverse fields - politics, entertainment, radio & tv hosts, entrepreneurs and those who love fun”
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“This is one of nairobi's executive modern malls with everything you can think of including movie theatres, restaurants,supermarkets,salons,jewellry shops,clothes shops,bars etc”
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“Nairobi Safari Walk is a perfect setting for showing visitors the kind of fauna and flora that the country has to offer. The 27-acre leisure park is home to a range of wild animals and over 150 species of trees. Nairobi Safari Walk is a raised wooden boardwalk, that enables visitors to have a glimpse of what to expect in the country's national parks and reserves. There is a sample of wildlife including the albino zebra, white rhino, and the rare bongo.”
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Point of Interest
“There are Maasai Markets all over Nairobi on different days of the week. I personally work at 4 different days of the week (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) but know of others on days I am not working. Message me you are interested in shopping and I can tell you where to go what day and even possibly assist you.”
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“Very rich with Kenyan history (Karen a major introducer of coffee to Kenya a century ago. Her house now a museum. Featured in the film 'OUT OF AFRICA'.”
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“This place is close to SveJoe Rimpa home. The army barracks are a guarantee of safety besides its proximity to the city. It is a social place to meet many locals and foods.”
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“All things food and extensive shopping. Baha Fresh for the best Chicken. Carre Four, great shopping experience.”
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“Get to visit one of Kenya's most amazing museums, get to visit the snake park if you are into that kind of thing”
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Bus Station
“The arboretum is lovely for an afternoon stroll or a family picnic. It's also the site of the Karoga Festival which a great event for all family members to get a taste of the local art, culture and music scene.”
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“They have amazing pastry, plus some amazing seafood pasta They also have great brunch”
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“They have the best stake and chicken wings in Nairobi while the craft beer is top 50 globally,a must visit when in Nairobi.”
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