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Best things to do in Nairobi

Point of Interest
“Experience a taste of the world re-known Maasai culture. A great place to shop and view various African artworks.”
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“ Great atmosphere, great ambience, great service and the best for last, Great food. The prices are also reasonable.”
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“Taking a walking adventure in Nairobi Safari walk is an exciting activity. Its a great way to experience African wildlife and nature on foot. It gives you an opportunity to share path and space with nature.”
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Äthiopisches Restaurant
“Amazing Ethiopian food! Try th mixed plates, sizzling tibs and definitely traditional coffee with popcorn!”
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“Situated on the foot of the Ngong Hills, Karen Blixen Museum is the former African home of Danish author Karen Blixen, famous for her book (and subsequent film) Out of Africa . A visit to Karen Blixen is highly recommended to learn more about the history of Karen town. ”
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“Very rich with Kenyan history (Karen a major introducer of coffee to Kenya a century ago. Her house now a museum. Featured in the film 'OUT OF AFRICA'.”
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“Great ambience to interact with icons and celebrities in the Country from diverse fields - politics, entertainment, radio & tv hosts, entrepreneurs and those who love fun”
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“The Animal Orphanage is where orphaned, injured or abandoned animals are cared for with the hopes of being released back into the wild. It is connected to the Nairobi National Park and it's possible to do the two together. Depending on timings, you may have the fun of seeing a rhino being fed his evening snack and tucked into bed by his keeper - yes, as cute as it sounds. ”
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“All things food and extensive shopping. Baha Fresh for the best Chicken. Carre Four, great shopping experience.”
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“Get to visit one of Kenya's most amazing museums, get to visit the snake park if you are into that kind of thing”
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“Banks, convenient stores, restaurants and basically anything one requires for daily use”
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“The butcher is amazing! The Chemist can diagnose most illnesses. The green grocer is friendly and does great Indian food. there is a playground for kids under 12, that you can see from the cafe, the green grocer and the butcher. There is an Aga Khan Hospital clinic upstairs! Haircuts, Wine, Clothing, Italian grocery and several restaurants are all in this small neighborhood market! 2 gyms and astro-turf mini fields for playing football (soccer) are available, if you want to pay the price! ”
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Bus Station
“The arboretum is lovely for an afternoon stroll or a family picnic. It's also the site of the Karoga Festival which a great event for all family members to get a taste of the local art, culture and music scene.”
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“Learn about the Kenyan culture, native tribes and experience the Kenyan cuisine”
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“Coffee, cocktails, food...name it. Ideal place to catch up on an evening over happy hour which starts at 5pm”
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“They have the best stake and chicken wings in Nairobi while the craft beer is top 50 globally,a must visit when in Nairobi.”
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