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Best things to do in Montevideo

“One of the main square sof the city, in the milit between the Old Town and Donwtown districts.”
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Flea Market
“Tristán Narvaja street market is a traditional street market that takes place every Sunday in Montevideo. In the middle of Cordón neighbourhood, Tristán Narvaja street stretches from 18 de Julio Avenue through La Paz street. Great selection of Antiques. ”
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“close to the apartment. Nice old market renovated. Good gourmet restaurants at a very affordable price. ”
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Book Store
“You would never expect the beautiful and peaceful oasis inside when just walking past Escaramuza. Both a book store, social space, cafe and restaurant it is an absolute must to go by even if just for a coffee. ”
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“Juan Manuel Blanes Municipal Museum of the Arts is the name of a municipal museum in Prado, Montevideo, Uruguay. ”
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“It used to be the port market but nowadays it is a place with many restaurants inside where you can enjoy of different dishes”
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History Museum
“Among its festivals, Carnival is one of most celebrated, a feast that has been celebrated since the 19th century record. ”
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“ Shopping con supermercados, cines, ferretería, casa de cambio, plaza de comidas y múltiples tiendas de ropa. /Shopping center with supermarkets, cinemás, hardware store, exchange house, food court and plenty of clothes´ stores.”
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“Moderno e imaginativo lugar con un menu original. Decorado de forma linda y comida rica. /// Modern and imaginative place with an original menu. Nicely decorated and tasty food.”
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Natural Feature
“One of Montevideos favorite waterfront destinations. Here you can exercise, practice sports, enjoy a day in the beach or get together at night to walk along the famous rambla and drink mate. One of the best places to spend the day or night. Easy walk from the apartment to the beach. ”
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“ La porción de la RAMBLA donde se reúne más gente. /Part of the RAMBLA where most people gather.”
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“Amplio y moderno centro comercial con toda la oferta desde recuerdos hasta lo necesario para cocinar en el día a día.”
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“Interesting neighborhood, some old mansions are still very well preserved. Worth seeing if you have some time, as it's a bit far from the city center.”
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Am Wasser
“Walking by the rambla is beautiful, on a sunny day specially nice, go west to see the sunset. ”
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“Hermoso parque de nuestra ciudad para hacer caminatas diurnas, ubicado a 3 cuadras del apartamento”
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“Earthing that you may need to buy you can find it there , also , the mall has cinemas , restaurants , and other options to visit”
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