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Best things to do in Mexiko-Stadt

“They are bartending experts. For them preparing a cocktail is a task that requires both technique and knowledge. Their combinations are precise, like gin with rosemary and grapefruit. ”
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“Walking Distance. Department Store with a nice terrace with gourmet restaurants.”
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College Administrative Building
“Located in southern Mexico City, UNAM is Latin America’s largest university and houses some incredible architecture (it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site) as well as the MUAC museum and a sculpture garden from some of the country’s greatest artists. Its main campus was built during the 1950s on an ancient solidified lava bed and is almost a separate region within Mexico City, with its own regulations and councils. Wander the university passages and stare up at the thought-provoking murals, which illustrate different strains of intellectual thought. Check out their website for the latest concerts and events, as MUAC often holds some of the best exhibitions in the country and the Neza concert hal”
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Mexikanisches Restaurant
“Traditional Mexican restaurant in city center. Order the chilaquiles for breakfast!”
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History Museum
“Beautiful museum of art and design with garments, furniture and paintings from the XVI to XIX century. There's also temporal expos of contemporary artists (Tim Burton's work was displayed here). ”
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“Considered the best bread you'll find in Mexico City and a lovely eclectic space to dine in. I go there often for treats like cinnamon rolls or baguettes. The baguette with ham and butter is amazing. It can be quite the scene on weekends. ”
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“Closest full line department store. Their Polanco store in Moliere is way bigger, the largest department store in Latin America, very upscale! Casa Palacio in the nearby Antara fashion mall is a gorgeous home store. ”
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“Offers a variety of nutritious options including sandwiches, salads, eggs, and juices of every possible color and flavor. ”
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“Best and Great Excellent mall, with many good restaurants, supermarket, Banks, coffee shops, cake restaurants, movie theater, and all of the best stores worldwide.”
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“All best restaurants in Polanco. The area with terraces and cuisines from around the world has a French flair.”
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Theme Park
“The best theme park in town, a bit far from city centre but if you like theme parks might be worth to give it a try”
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“Big shopping center including "Palacio de Hierro", iconic department store in Mexico!”
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“Museum of Popular Art, showcasing the handcrafts and cultural richness of the different artisan regions in Mexico. ”
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“There's a door on the side where you can go upstairs to listen and dance Salsa music.”
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Asiatisches Restaurant
“Amazing asian food, great athmosphere, nice place; so if you fancy some asian spice... go for it!”
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Mexikanisches Restaurant
“Enrique Olvera's Pujol tops pretty much every list when it comes to dining in Mexico City. Using native ingredients like ant eggs and huitlacoche (a delicacy made out of corn fungus), he's completely deconstructed Mexican cuisine molecular gastronomy style, so while some of the ingredients may be recognizable, the flavors on offer are totally new. Here, in a small, dark, and unassuming dining room decorated with white tablecloths and stark white tableware, it's Olvera and head chef Erick Guerrero's culinary experiments that take center stage: There might be an egg hidden in a puffed tortilla, or a taco may come in liquid form. The daily-changing prix fixe menus are full of surprises, and a m”
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