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Parkplätze in Mexiko-Stadt

“Very busy, very quick, downtown. Everything going on. Like any huge city downtown be careful, do not attract unnecessary attention. Visit: Templo Mayor, Dulcería Celaya, Torre Latino lookout, Museo Franz Mayer and other museums, Café de Tacuba, Palacio de Bellas Artes Palace of Fine Arts, House of Post office, Zocalo Central Plaza, Calle Madero, Casa de Los Azulejos...”
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“Auditorio Nacional donde se realizan los espectáculos más grandes de artistas que visitan la ciudad. National Auditorium where the biggest shows are put on by artists that visit the city.”
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“FR : Pour regarder des films d'auteur ou internationaux dans un lieu authentique / ES : Para ver películas de autor o internacionales en un lugar auténtico / EN : To watch author or international films in an authentic place”
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“BEST place to purchase any souvenirs & gifts! Tons of artisans & great prices”
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“Very close to Museo de Tamayo, opened in 1964, el Museo de Arte Moderno has one of largest and most well curated modern art collections in the world. Free entry on Sundays.”
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“Huge mall if you need middle-high chain store shopping (H&M, Zara, Mango etc.) and the midrange Liverpool full-line department store. Reforma 222 is another, smaller mall closer to the sights. ”
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“Day 1 At night: Dinner at La Condesa. Trendy and hipster ambience. Get prepared for bars and party.”
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“Grab a seat in the park and listen to local music players or have lunch at a restaurant around the park. Then walk through the park and visit Coyoacan's Cathedral or visit the market for crafts, apparel and souvenirs. ”
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Für Athleten & Sportler
“Going to Xochimilco is like finding an oasis in the desert. In the middle of a colossal city is this eclectic place where you can discover colors that your eyes have never seen. In this World Heritage Site, recognized since 1987, you will rediscover the colors if you walk through the corridors of its markets full of iridescent flowers, or you can navigate in the middle of walled canals with gardens and tree curtains over its pigmented and bright trajineras, to evoke those times in which the lacustrine environment dominated the Anahuac landscape; There you will discover small artificial islands, called chinampas, in which flowers, vegetables and ornamental plants are grown. Here you can make this magnificent tour while you eat and drink snacks and your trip is accompanied by mariachi music or the marimba veracruzana. Also, in the middle of so much splendor, you will find a shuddering place that will make your skin stand up: the island of the dolls.”
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“It is located in Centro Historico, with art produced between the late 16th century and mid-20th century and features pieces by Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and Jose Clemente Orozco.”
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College Administrative Building
“Located in southern Mexico City, UNAM is Latin America’s largest university and houses some incredible architecture (it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site) as well as the MUAC museum and a sculpture garden from some of the country’s greatest artists. Its main campus was built during the 1950s on an ancient solidified lava bed and is almost a separate region within Mexico City, with its own regulations and councils. Wander the university passages and stare up at the thought-provoking murals, which illustrate different strains of intellectual thought. Check out their website for the latest concerts and events, as MUAC often holds some of the best exhibitions in the country and the Neza concert hal”
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“This is a "MUST" , it's been MY TOP FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT (Sea food) !! So make your reservation because its only open from 1 - 6pm”
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“Recwntly built, it has become one of the greatest places to see contemporary art”
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“One of the biggest and best aquariums in the world ! It's underground and fascinating !”
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“Feel like shopping? This brand new mall has everything you need from apparel, shoes, Mac Store, coffee, ice creams, restaurants and even cinema!! ”
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“The place has small plates, you can order several of them and share. I tried like 6 plates and they were all good, Breakfast is quite good nice design and great service. ”
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