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Best things to do in Memphis

“Much more than the spot Dr. King was shot. A whole museum dedicated to Civil Rights. Everyone can learn and grow from this fabulous place. ”
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“Great place for families or couples! My boyfriend and I had a blast and spent 5 hours looking at all the amazing animals there!”
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Sonstiges Nachtleben
“A hideous turquoise blue building housing Yosemite Sam’s used to be the focal point of this entertainment district. But thanks to Loeb Properties, it's now a colorful, vibrant home to murals and sculptures. The most recent mural, Love Birds, by artists Jay Crum and Kong Wee Pang, is a real standout thanks to its iridescent, sparkly nature. In addition to all of the live music in the Square, the massive wind chimes in the tower, installed by Sean Murphy and Anne J. Froning of Being Art, are well worth a listen.”
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“"Smoke is our Sauce" is their moto. You may pick your sauce type. The newer restaurants are nice. The older ones, have a lot of personality, but the rest rooms need renovating. Several in Memphis, all have great food. ”
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“Don't miss the home of the famous Elvis Presley while you're in town! The second most visited home in the whole United States after the white house!”
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Dog Run
“The Overton Park Conservancy’s gateway project has made the city’s crown jewel a more welcoming place. The arched sculpture that artist Tylur French of Youngblood Studio created from scrap bicycles was installed at the intersection of East Parkway and Sam Cooper Blvd in February 2014. The sculpture weighs 7,000lbs and is made up of more than 300 bicycles, each welded onto a steel frame. Yvonne Bobo’s Rhapsody was recently installed at the gateway beside golf clubhouse. This ring-like structure is a movable sculpture that opens on a pivot. The individual birds that form the structure are made of COR-TEN steel and bronze and will change color as they age. Two more gateways will be installed over the next few months: Ben Butler’s Growth at the one adjacent to the East Parkway Playground (this simple but dramatic archway, built from layers of steel, will call to mind the many natural forms found in the Old Forest), and another from Tylur French called Art Nouveau at the gateway between the Rainbow Lake Playground and Overton Park. It will feature bollards that control vehicle access while also offering educational panels about the plants of the forest. Steel Guitar -- sculptor Christopher Fennell’s 2012 installation of a monumental gateway at the Levitt Shell -- honors the heritage, architecture, and mission of this beloved Memphis concert venue located centrally in Overton Park. This dynamic work of art, inspired by the silhouette of an electric guitar, was designed and fabricated by Fennell using recycled steel.”
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“Like it says in the title, Gus's is indeed world famous, and justifiably so! Samin Nosrat (Salt Fat Acid Heat author) has even attempted to recreate their recipe in her now-popular book. NOTE: All of their food is fried in peanut oil, so if you have nut allergies, this is likely not for you.”
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Record Shop
“I can't make a list and not include Beale. The history is incredible. Now it's mostly neon and bars. Lots of bars, restaurants, and live music that they think tourists would like. I go maybe once or twice a year. You can have an open container on the street and I think they serve til 5 or 6 AM. It's fun to walk with a drink in your hand. LOTS of great souvenir shops.”
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“If the Mississippi Delta begins in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel, then the American Southern brunch begins at the buffet tables of the Peabody's Capriccio Grill. You have platters upon platters of Belgian waffles, eggs, smoked salmon, salads, pastas, steaks, and bacon, plus a impressive display of baked goods, desserts, and mimosas.”
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“Great area, with some fantastic areas to hike, picnic, play at the park with the kids, etc. There's even a place you can rent kayaks and canoes! ”
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Sporting Goods Shop
“Worth the trip, even if you are not a Bass Pro Shop fan! It's a bit like going into the Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland!”
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“Brunch gets a makeover at this Cooper Young hotspot, which is completely packed on Sundays with Midtowners looking for an upgrade to everyday omelettes. Try the Beneduck -- spiced, sugared crispy duck with jalapeño jam -- or country ham with red-eye gravy, green apples, and bleu cheese over eggs and hash browns. Spirits-wise, the Bad Boy Bloody Mary and the Big Boy Mimosa have you covered.”
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“Can be difficult to locate the entrance as it’s down an alley, but follow the smell of smoked pork and you’ll get there. We sit at the downstairs bar with Linzell. BBQ NACHOS, Greek salad, and ribs. This place is touristy, but for a good reason. Also, don’t take it personally if your waiter doesn’t seem warm and fuzzy- you’re there for the food!”
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“Catch a Grizzlies basketball game while you're passing through, or maybe a sweet concert!”
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“See where it all began! Super cool seeing the original space and learning about the artist that got their start here including Elvis and others.”
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“Great jazz brunch on Overton Square. If it's nice, there is a great patio for people watching!”
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