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Best things to do in Manche

Historische Stätte
“Mont Saint Michel is a working Monastery with quaint cobbled streets, restaurants and shops which lead up to the monastery. The second most visited tourist attraction in France after the Eiffel Tower. ”
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“Sous-marin, aquariums, exposition Titanic, profondeur des océans, voici 3 heures à une journée complète à vous émerveiller. It's a great sea museum with a submarin, Titanic exhibition, aquariums...”
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“This is a gorgeous little island with no cars set in an archipelago. Spend a day walking around, lying on the beach, eating seafood, watching the boats. Catch the boat from Granville. Must do!”
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“Utah Beach is one of the two American landing zones in Normandy. This beach was created by British general Bernard Montgomery who wished to establish a beachhead directly in the Cotentin peninsula in order to capture Cherbourg faster, because of its deep water harbor and its major logistic importance.”
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“A quirky & picturesque place to visit. A great tearoom & a good place to get presents ”
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“No D-day trip would be complete without a visit to the haunting Omaha Beach. Best earlier and later in the day when the coach parties have gone and you get to appreciate even more the scale of the endeavour and the sacrifices made on that fateful day.”
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“The only museum in France dedicated to a Fashion House, the Musée Chritian Dior has 2 exhibitions a year which celebrates Haute Couture. Stroll through the beautiful gardens to the pink La Rhumba, the house of Dior's childhood which overlooks the bay then enjoy the most beautiful collection of Dior from his 'New Look' to modern times. Have a cup of specially blended tea afterwards in the Pavilion and decide which outfit you would like to take hoem with you!”
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“Busy town, especially on market days! Lots of shops. Lots of WW2 history as its liberation was led by General Patton and there is a Square named in his honour, complete with WW2 tank.”
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“Certainement l'un des plus connu en Europe, le cimetière américain de Coleville sur Mer surplombe la plage d'OMAHA Beach. Haut lieux de mémoire, ici repose plusieurs milliers de soldats américains tombés durant les 100 jours de la bataille de Normandie. A voir absolument.”
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“Ne cherchez pas trop loin, vous y êtes. You are right there. Verliehren Sie keine Zeit mit Sightseeing, sie sind schon da.”
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“Whatever your feeling about zoos, take a picnic and enjoy a day here where the wild animals have plenty of space to roam about. Our grandchildren particularly enjoy the antics of the penguins in their pool - they seem to know when to show off! The zoo is fairly level for pushchairs and extends both sides of the main road.”
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Historische Stätte
“Unique amongst the Normandy D-day landings. Allied forces (American) had to scale cliffs to engage with occupying forces. Bomb craters can still be seen.”
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Natural Feature
“Most Northernly point of Contention peninsula with lighthouse and sea views”
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“A beautiful long sandy beach perfect for children with life guards and endless rock pools! Lovely cafes and picnic areas all around the beach. ”
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“Larger zoo, with some of the larger mammals. A bit more 'rustic' than Champrepus, and a little further to travel.”
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“Famous epicerie, grocery and wine shop - Normandy's answer to Fortnum and Mason.”
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