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Best things to do in Malibu

“This is the closest mall area with fashion, food and all the great shops of Malibu. There is also a park and outdoor cafes in the middle, plus it's across from the beach.”
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“Nobu Chef Gregorio Stephenson serves up lobster and shiitake salad, sashimi, and ceviche! This is an upscale eatery that is worth every penny ”
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History Museum
“A stunning architectural build that pays homage to early Spanish style with Moorish elements. This is a beachside 'farm' located directly next to the famous Surfside Beach. Take a tour through the museum! ”
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Kubanisches Restaurant
“They have good food and really good margaritas served with Casa Amigos tequila (our preferred tequila). Wednesday nights is karaoke night which is a lot of fun! You never know who will show up!”
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Griechisches Restaurant
“Taverna Tony Guests come for the celeb sightings and grilled vegetables and stay for the live music and belly dancers. ”
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Mediterranes Restaurant
“Sometimes people refer to it at as the Malibu Cafeteria. Good food all around. Full of locals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Good pizza and full bar!”
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“Great Brunch Place. If you're having breakfast, try the Swedish Pancakes and the Quinoa Oatmeal with Coconut Milk and fresh fruit. Both are delicious. ”
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Amerikanisches Restaurant
“Great beach if you want to enjoy the view and have a few drinks and eat. Parking is reduced if you have a restaurant receipt for at least $30.”
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“This beach consists of three small cliff foot beaches that are popular amongst locals. ”
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“Bui Sushi has excellent sushi and it is our favorite sushi restaurant in Malibu. Good bar too.”
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“My number one favorite shopping mall. Love the wood deck, fresh ocean air, and nice sophisticated atmosphere of the mall.”
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Farmers Market
“Virtually every Sunday. Hangout with the residents of Malibu, famous and not famous, and buy fresh fruits and vegetables and a lot of good ready made food as well.”
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“They always have the best fresh fish and a close drive. Very casual dining with pickup window. The picnic tables at the restaurant are across the highway with an ocean view. They allow you to bring a bottle of wine to enjoy on their patio when dining there at no extra cost. You can also bring fish home to bbq from their fish market.”
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“Good Italian food that is close by (Cross Creek). Monday nights they have half price deals. Indoor and outdoor seating in front of the playground (great for kids).”
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“If you're into shopping...this is mecca. For gifts, I love BURRO, for a spiritual hit check THE MALIBU SHAMEN, and for kids toys, TOY CRAZY. There is also the MALIBU LUMBER YARD adjacent, with the ultra cool Malibu brand JAMES PERSE among others. ”
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“This beach is a world-famous surf spot is known for its long white sand beach and awesome breaks. ”
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