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Best things to do in Maastricht

“am Sint Pietersberg kann man wunderbar spazieren gehen und Fahrrad fahren, sowie den Untergrund von Maastricht erkunden auf dem "Berg" kann man auch für Kaffee und einen Snack halt machen und die Aussicht auf Maastricht bewundern”
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“This museum has a lot of great expositions , they mostly display modern art.”
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“Very nice to take pictures and just seat on a bench to admire the architecture. André Rieu´s concerts take place here. Lots of restaurants around.”
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Belgisches Restaurant
“Good traditional and regional food. The place is usually packed with locals. They don't do reservations so on weekends it can be hard to get a seat but you can enjoy a drink at the bar while you wait. ”
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“Good vibe, busy on sunny weekends and loaded with hipsters (if these crowds appeal to you).”
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“Cutest movie theatre you will ever see, with the best alternative and arthouse films. I highly recommend this place”
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“Like the Sint Servaas the Onze Lieve Vrouwe basiliek is a church that you must have seen!”
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“The city park is great, in the summer people will sit there, some play the guitar, some play football and other just enjoy the sun, next to the big fountain. It's a very happy place.”
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Book Store
“Voted multiple times in the ton 10 of the world's most iconic bookstores. Spacious coffee shop by Coffee Lovers in the rear with magazines and newspapers. This stunning place is a must see.”
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“This cafe offers everything you need, plus a nice outside area to enjoy the sun the entire day.”
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“The main focus of the museum is ‘500 Years Made in Maastricht’; 500 years of creativity and enterprise. By means of authentic stories and tangible memories from five centuries of arts and crafts.”
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“At the local supermarket Albert Heijn, you will find all the food and wine supplies you may need during your stay.”
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“Small, easy museum about the region and his history underground. Look for dinosaurs who lived here long go.”
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“The system does not provide the current address, it is Sphinxcour 1, 6211 XZ Maastricht”
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“Maastricht ist eine Universitätsstadt im äußersten Süden der Niederlande. Die Stadt zeichnet sich durch ihre mittelalterliche Architektur und lebendige Kulturszene aus. In der kopfsteingepflasterten Altstadt befinden sich die gotische Johanniskirche (Sint Janskerk) und die romanische St.-Servatius-Basilika mit ihrer bedeutenden Sakralkunstsammlung. Am Ufer der Maas, die durch die Stadtmitte fließt, steht das futuristische Bonnefantenmuseum für bildende Kunst.”
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“The Sint-Servaesbasiliek is a very impressive cathedral, with all its grandeur.”
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