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Parks & Natur in Los Angeles

“Must see local place for amazing views of Los Angeles and beautiful hikes. Parking is challenging, but doable at top of hill. Limited viewings through telescope, but very a special place.”
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“Just two blocks from Hollywood Boulevard, Runyon Canyon Park is an often overlooked urban park that offers some great views. Atop the canyon, you can glimpse views of the San Fernando Valley and the Pacific Ocean, as well as the Hollywood Sign and Giffith Observatory. The park also boasts several hiking trails and is a popular spot for celebrities to exercise. Travelers say that the canyon is reminiscent of Old Hollywood with several old mansions and estates scattered throughout the park – keep your eyes peeled as you follow the trail. ”
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“Yeah, it's not a cemetery. It's just the USA's largest national park located in a city. This is the second time I've seen a cemetery picture used incorrectly. Airbnb has some mighty trolls. Anyhow, you know it. You've heard about it. It's got the Planetarium, the Observatory, the amazing views of LA. Go there. ”
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“I am a historian of the City of Los Angeles, and can guide you and take you to the La Brea Tar Pits Museum for a Fee. it is 40 minutes drive from Westwood down on Wilshire Blvd. It takes 3 hours for the whole visit.”
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Französisches Restaurant
“This rooftop bar/restaurant has nice ambiance and is a great place for take in the sunset. Great place to meet up for drinks. ”
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“Have a walk around the Canals in Venice, stop off for a coffee, enjoy the trees, the water and feel the cool restorative sea breeze, Venice and the canals are well worth a visit”
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“You really get the flavor of LA when you walk around the lake. You can rent the swan boats to paddle around. There's a nice cafe to grab a bite or check out the local food vendors for some Elote corn, pupusas, or get a bag of fresh fruit sprinkled with chili and lime (if you have never had this its a must try!). People love to picnic on the grass and you'll see outdoor yoga classes before noon. The lake is filled with turtles, ducks, cranes and geese. Parking can be hard but there are also public lots off Sunset. ”
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“Memorial Fountain includes a spouted wading area that is a favorite place to cool off on hot summer days. At night, a light show draws romantic strolling couples and photo enthusiasts. The park also includes 24 botanic gardens inspired by the six floristic kingdoms of the world and plenty of green lawn for playing and relaxing.”
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Malerischer Ausblick
“Massive hill with steep staircase, hiking paths, scenic views, an info center, and more. Great for a morning walk or a more intense workout.”
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“The pier stretches out from the Strand, the South Bay's beachside strip with some of the country's most expensive real estate. There's a free aquarium at the end of the pier, volleyball nets on the beaches, and endless sun and waves.”
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“A casual beachy/surf vibe with lots of restaurants and nightlife and a pier to walk out on. Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend have a famous outdoor festival with tons or artisans, live music, food booths and a little amusement park for little ones. In the summer, you're likely to spot a Volleyball tournament or two going on.”
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“Massive state recreation area — great for picnics, BBQs, hikes, athletics, and more.”
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State / Provincial Park
“Topanga State Park is a California state park located in the Santa Monica Mountains, within Los Angeles County, California. It is part of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. The park is located adjacent to the community of Topanga, within the City of Los Angeles. Covering 11,000 acres (45 km²), with thirty-six miles of trails and unimproved roads, the park's boundaries stretch from Topanga Canyon to Pacific Palisades and Mullholland Drive. There are more than 60 trail entrances. Topanga State Park is not only the largest park in the Santa Monica Mountains, but it's also considered to be the largest park located in the limits of a city. Enjoy ocean views from chaparral-covered ridges or relax in shaded oak groves.”
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“Nice set of gardens that is cheaper then the gardens at Huntington Library. Also has good burger and breakfast food that can be bought without paying entrance fee to the gardens.”
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“Want to see the stars in the sky and overlook ALL of LA? Well don't pass this undeniable must see up. Great for the whole family or romantically holding hands with your loved one and taking in the scene.”
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“This is the closest major park to us. You can do some beautiful, fairy easy hikes here with good views. Hike by dodger stadium. We like to park near Grace E. Simmons Lodge and hike the trails up behind there. ”
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