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Die besten Geschäfte in Lissabon

“Riesiges Shoppingcenter mit ebenso großen gastronomischen Angebot. Mit der Metro zu erreichen.”
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“The newly opened food court on the 7th floor has some of Lisbon's best chefs -- the view is nicer and it's less busy than the Timeout Market (Mercado da Ribeira) and there is even our favourite ice cream place Nannarella!”
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“One of the biggest shopping malls 🛒in Lisbon. You can go there taking the 728 bus (17mins) or by car (10mins).”
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“This mall has a large selection of good shops, theatres​ and a large supermarket.”
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“There are lots of different restaurants available, so everyone can enjoy from it. Find a table and then each one goes and gets the food they want. A bit hard too coordinate when everyone's food will arrive so you will probably each eat at different times but worth a visit. It is also great for drinks and there is a club there as well called Rive Rouge. ”
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“Markthalle mit zahlreichen Essensständen. Hier kaufen auch die Einheimischen ihr Obst, Gemüse, Fleisch und Fisch!”
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“Mall where you find Fnac for books or music, clothes shops and other shops too”
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“Der Time-Out Market bietet eine Vielzahl von Essensständen der besten Restaurants der Stadt. Am Wochenende und abends sehr voll. ”
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“A 'palacete' or small palace (very small as far as palaces are concerned), which was once home to a wealthy Portuguese family and has now been converted a series of small design shops and a restaurant. Great place to shopping, grab a bit or perhaps just a quick drink!”
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“Get fresh groceries at the farmers market or grab a bite at the food hall. Good selection of restaurants with outside seating.”
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“Nice and very comfortable place. Everyday different bands. Exibitions. Restaurant and bar”
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“Shopping center, supermarket, fast food, cinemas, and a very nice shop "Portugal dos Meus Amores" to buy a special souvenir from Portugal”
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Accessories Store
“Time for gloves for your convertible driving ! The tiniest but incredible glove store”
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“Where you can find all the best high street shops, cinema, food court and more.”
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“crew Hassan is an association where they have concerts, events, dj´s, etc. Its an amazing place where you are able to dance nd get crazy or to just relax and drink thee. ”
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“Centro Comercial com lojas de marcas incluído a Starbucks. Shopping Mall with branded stores included Starbucks.”
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